[WSMDiscuss] The rebirth of Marxism: conference celebrating Karl's 200th with Toni Negri and Jodi Dean, Maynooth (Ireland)

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The ReBirth of Marxism: haunting the future
Conference celebrating Karl's 200th with Toni Negri, Jodi Dean and others.
Maynooth (near Dublin), May 4-5 2018.
Marx's work dramatizes one of the most vital impulses in contemporary thought and politics, a spectre haunting not only Europe but the world. 150 years after Capital, 100 after the October revolution, and 50 after 1968, Marxist voices and echoes of Marx continue to flow into popular and intellectual attempts to understand and transform the world. This major international conference explores Marx and Engels' contributions to analysis and political practice, how their life and work helped shape history and culture around the world, the many different strands and meanings of "Marxism", and how we can understand their legacy and ongoing relevance today. How can Marxism continue to contribute intellectually and practically to critique, understanding and transformation, in Ireland and globally? We welcome academic and activist papers, panel proposals and other formats. Possible themes include "Marxisms, many and fertile"; Marx, Engels and Ireland; Marxism's contribution to social movements and political struggle; dialogue and engagement with other radical theoretical and political traditions; and more. We particularly welcome papers which speak to the very diverse audiences - scholars, activists and students, people in different disciplines and movements, from different countries and different Marxist and other traditions - we expect for this conference. We encourage people to attempt to prove the "this-worldliness" of their thinking - and Marxism! - for these many fields, to create a lively and challenging space for discussion. Deadline: February 1 2018.
Full details at https://hauntingthefuture.wordpress.com/

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