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Interface: a journal for and about social movements
Volume nine, issue one (2017):
open issue

http://www.interfacejournal.net/current/ or http://bit.ly/1IxwYA9

- Apologies for any crossposting -

Volume nine, issue one of Interface, a peer-reviewed online journal produced and refereed by social movement practitioners and engaged movement researchers, is now out. Interface is open-access (free), global and multilingual. Our overall aim is to "learn from each other's struggles": to develop a dialogue between practitioners and researchers, but also between different social movements, intellectual traditions and national or regional contexts.

Like all issues of Interface, this issue is free and open-access. You can download articles individually or a complete PDF of the issue (9.49 MB). Please note that you can also subscribe (free) on the right-hand side of the webpage to get email notification each time a new issue or call for papers is out. This issue of Interface includes 589 pages and 40 pieces, by authors writing from / about Aotearoa/New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, the EU, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Uruguay, the US and Venezuela.

Items in this issue include:

Lesley Wood, Irina Ceric, Laurence Cox, Radha d’Souza, Ana Margarida Esteves, Sara Motta, Jiří Navrátil, Dawn Paley, Eduardo Romanos, Heike Schaumberg, Anna Szołucha, Peter Waterman

Peter Waterman 1936 – 2017: in memoriam
Laurence Cox

Call for papers volume 10 issue 1
Political parties, trade unions and social movements: emancipatory reconfigurations of popular organisation

General pieces
David C Hoffman, Danny Lundy, Amanda Anderson and Michael Lanza,
Lessons for Internet campaigning from the 2016 US presidential primaries (practice note)
Chandra Russo,
Safety pin solidarity: a lesson in tactics
(practice note)
Brian Mallon,
A radical common sense: on the use of direct action in Dublin since 2014
Phil Hedges,
Writing a history of now: the Campbell House rent strike
(peer-reviewed article)
Janine M Joyce and Joseph Llewellyn,
Implementing the principles of kotahitanga / unity and manaakitanga / hospitality in community peace activism: an experiment in peace building
(peer-reviewed article)
Geoffrey Pleyers,
The local food movement in Belgium: from prefigurative activism to social innovations
(peer-reviewed article)
Niccolò Bertuzzi,
No Expo Network: multiple subjectivities, online communication strategies, and the world outside
(peer-reviewed article)
Laurence Cox,
The Irish water charges movement: theorising “the social movement in general”
Alice Poma and Tommaso Gravante,
Protest, emotion and change: an analysis of two women’s collectives fighting against machismo in Oaxaca, Mexico
(peer-reviewed article)
Georgia Bekridaki and Antonios Broumas,
Greek society in crisis and in motion: building the material bases for an alternative society from the bottom up
(peer-reviewed article)
Thembi Luckett, Shirley Walters and Astrid von Kotze,
Re-membering practices of popular education in the struggle for an alternative South Africa
(peer-reviewed article)
Jeffrey Rubin and Emma Sokoloff-Rubin,
Teaching across borders
(action note)
Stefano Boni,
¡Poder Popular de verdad! Etnografía del movimiento contra la construcción de una Cárcel en Cariaco (Municipio Ribero, Estado Sucre, Venezuela) (ES)
(event analysis)
Andreas Bieler,
Fighting for public water: the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative, “Water and sanitation are a human right”
(peer-reviewed article)
Matthias Schmelzer and Dennis Eversberg,
Beyond growth, capitalism, and industrialism? Consensus, divisions and currents within the emerging movement for sustainable degrowth
(peer-reviewed article)
Laurence Cox and Lesley Wood,
An oral history of Peoples’ Global Action
(research note)

Special section
“The right to housing in theory and practice: going beyond the West”
Katia Valenzuela-Fuentes, Dominika V. Polanska and Anne Kaun,
The right to housing in theory and practice: going beyond the West
(special section editorial)
Joanna Kostka and Katarzyna Czarnota,
Modes of knowledge production in the study of radical urban movements
(peer-reviewed article)
Bálint Misetics,
Homelessness, citizenship and need interpretation: reflections on organizing with homeless people in Hungary
(peer-reviewed article)
Ana Vilenica (with Ana Džokić and Marc Neelan / Who Builds the City),
Contemporary housing activism in Serbia: provisional mapping
(peer-reviewed article)
Marta Solanas Domínguez,
FUCVAM: cooperativismo de vivienda, de los barrios en Montevideo a una alternativa contrahegemónica en otros Sures (ES)
(peer-reviewed article)
Klemen Ploštajner,
Society of homeowners and possible cooperative future: case of Slovenia
(peer-reviewed article)
Andrea Aureli and Pierpaolo Mudu,
Squatting: reappropriating democracy from the state
(peer-reviewed article)
Activist panel,
Housing activism: beyond the West
(panel discussion)

Heather Ann Thompson, 2016, Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy. Review author: Elva Orozco
Andy Blunden, 2016, The Origins of Collective Decision Making. Review author: Bonnie Nardi
Andrew T. Lamas, Todd Wolfson, and Peter N. Funke (Eds), 2017, The Great Refusal: Herbert Marcuse and Contemporary Social Movements. Review author: Raphael Schlembach
Nicholas Hildyard, 2016, Licensed Larceny: Infrastructure, Financial extraction and the Global South. Review author: Alexander Dunlap
Javier Sicilia, 2016, El Deshabitado. Mexico City: Grijalbo (525 pp., paperback, MXN$299.00). Review author: Andrew Smolski
William K. Carroll, 2016, Expose, Oppose, Propose: Alternative Policy Groups and the Struggle for Global Justice. Review author: Andrew Kettler
Gladys Tzul Tzul, 2016, Sistemas de Gobierno Comunal Indígena: Mujeres Y Tramas de Parentesco En Chuimeq’ena’. Review Author: Meztli Yoalli Rodríguez Aguilera (ES)
William K. Carroll and Kanchan Sarker (Eds), 2016, A World to Win: Contemporary Social Movements and Counter-Hegemony. Review author: Laurence Cox
Robert M. Press, 2015, Ripples of Hope: How ordinary People Resist Repression without Violence. Review author: Richa Biswas
Michelle Williams and Vishwas Satgar (Eds), 2015, Marxism in the 21st Century: Crisis, Critique & Struggle. Review author: Lika Rodin

General material
Event notice,
VI Encuentro Internacional “La economía de los/as trabajadores/as”
(30 August – 2 September 2017, provincia de Buenos Aires) (ES / EN)
Guidelines for event announcements
Social movement journal info,
Moving the Social: Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements,

A call for papers<http://www.interfacejournal.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Interface-9-1-CFP-issue-10-1.pdf> for volume 10 issue 1 (2018) is now open on the theme of “political parties, trade unions and social movements: emancipatory reconfigurations of popular organisation”, deadline November 1st 2017. As always, this issue will also include non-themed pieces.

We can review and publish articles in Afrikaans, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Zulu. The website has the full CFP and details on how to submit articles for this issue here<http://www.interfacejournal.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Interface-9-1-CFP-issue-10-1.pdf>.
The next issue of Interface (volume 9 issue 2) will be on social movement thinking beyond the core.

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Laurence Cox, Interface

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