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Over 1000 individuals and 65 associations and networks from several
continents have signed a call for an international campaign in just a few

"GAZA ALIVE IS LIFE  FOR PALESTINE" (found *at we4gaza,org* in EN/AR/IT/SP)
was launched by three associations active for years in different fields
 (health, research and culture) and committed to work in solidarity with
the people of Gaza and recognize their right to live:  Appeal for children
of Gaza, Genoa, Italy; NWRG -onlus (New weapons research groups), Italy;
and Culture is Freedom, a Campaign for Palestine, Italy;. Signatures
continue to be received   on *we4gaza.org <http://we4gaza.org>*

Among the first signatures were Noam Chomsky, US pacifist essayist,
AnnWright, former US Army colonel and peace activist, Professor Francis
Boyle, lawyer; From Palestine  Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh, Palestine Institute of
Biodiversity and Sustainability and dirctor of Palestine Museum of Natral
History, Samir Zaqut, director of Al Mezzan cernter for human rights; From
Israel, Nurit Peled-El Hanan, Sakharov Prize, Michel Warshawski, journalist
and essayist; From India Niloufer Bhagwat, vice president of the Bar
Association; From Great Britain, journalist and writer John Pilger, Swee
ANg founder of Medical AId for Palesitne, Derek Summerfiels, leading head
of the campaign against torture by Doctors, Haifa Zangane and Victoria
Britten, writers; From France Christiane Hessel-Chabry, Honorary Chairman
of the EJE Association (Les enfants, jeu et l'éducation); From Greece Haris
Golemis, economist director of Nicos Poulantzas Institute; From Lebanon
writer Bayan Nuwayhed Al Hout and political science professor and
journalist Nahla Chahal; The Nobel Peace Prize Mairead Corrigan Maguire,
Irish; The General Coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine Pierre
Galand from Brussels; Richard Falk, former United Nations rapporteur on the
situation of the occupied Palestinian Territories. From Palestine Mazin
Qumsiyeh scientist and director of the Palestine Institute of Biodiversity
and Sustainability and Samir Zaqut of the Al Mezza center for Human
Rights; From
Italy Egidia Beretta, President of the Utopia Vik Foundation, Luisa
Morgantini, former President of the European Parliament, Gianni Tognoni,
Secretary General of the Permanent Tribunal of Peoples.

Other signatories are writers and journalists, lawyers and doctors,
professors and researchers, Italian and European parliamentarians, social
and cultural activists, who are in solidarity with the people of Gaza are
asking for efficacious intervention by the institutions, starting with the
European ones, for  Gaza the stay alive and grow.

The European Co-ordination of Palestine Associations and Committees (ECCP)
from Brussels has already  appealed to the European Union's High
Representative Federica Mogherini, in view of the European Council of
Foreign Ministers to be held on 17 July. Letters were sent to the President
of Parliament, Mr Taviani, and to the head of the Parliamentary groups and
those coordinating the affair of Palestine and Israel, and to the member of
the Palestine Commission of the European Parliament . We will follow up.

The appeal highlights Israel's responsibilities on the current disastrous
economic and social situation in Gaza, and points to its strategy to cause
bycrisis after crisis that may lead to the slow extermination of a
population already affected by several military attacks with thousands of
civilian victims which destroyed essential infrastructure.

We state that the reiterated crisis have not been and can not be solved by
buffer measures. Emergencies, such as the recent electricity crisis and the
almost permanent scarcity of drinking water, can only be solved -
emphasizes the appeal - joining short and long-term development plans
without which menace of deaths will continue to strangulate the population.
Every day, children and adults are dying because they can not receive the
necessary care due to the lack of adequate medication and equipment
(dialysis, diabetes, cancer patients, children with cystic fibrosis,
premature infants, patients requiring surgery).

The appeal,  finally point to the fact that the agony of Gaza  endangers
the very possibility of Palestine's life, which, as essential conditions,
needs the involvement of all the people in the path of self-determination,
the  participation in a widespread democratic process, the end of Israeli
siege and occupation: Gaza has to live in order for  Palestine to live.

correspondence , and signatories available for interviews by contacting
wexgaza at gmail.com
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