[WSMDiscuss] Launch of RED website, call for your contributions!

Ashish Kothari chikikothari at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 01:30:50 CEST 2017

Dear Friends,

Our new initiative, the launch of the Radical Ecological Democracy 
website is just a couple of weeks away. Through this website we hope to 
engage people around the world on the practice and notion of 
transformative alternatives: initiatives that can challenge and 
ultimately replace the currently dominant structures of patriarchy, 
capitalism, statism, and other forms of concentration of power that have 
institutionalized dire inequality all around the world and thrown it 
into a severe ecological emergency. We are thrilled that many of you 
have already become a part of this journey by sharing your expertise 
through articles and discussions for the site, and hopefully many more 
of you will consider contributing stories, perspectives, poetry, art 
pieces, or other forms of expression to enliven and diversify. We also 
want this website to act as an international bulletin board for the 
exchange of news, announcements, appeals and general shout-outs on 
issues that you think are important for the people frequenting this site 
to be aware of, with a focus on transformative alternatives. So, if you 
have a contribution to make on any of the following points then please 
write to us:

-- Is there a grassroots initiative towards alternatives in your part of 
the world which is gaining momentum and which the rest of the world 
needs to know of?
-- Is there a people's movement attempting alternatives, which is being 
suppressed by the state or corporate interests, or facing other threats 
and needs support … and any related protests/movement actions that need 
-- Are there any events (conferences, workshops, festivals, meets) 
relevant to transformative alternatives coming up, and need to be 

-- Are there any stories of people's triumphs which the world should 
know about and draw positive energy from?
-- Are there any mistakes in the practice and conceptualisation of 
alternatives, which need sharing so that they're not repeated elsewhere?

-- Are there other websites and forums that are similar to this one, and 
need to be linked to (as also not duplicated!)?

Let us know if you want a committed audience to be aware of what's 
happening in your part of the world. Obviously, we'll make sure that no 
unwanted, trivial or irresponsible item features on the website (and if 
by oversight it does, pl. tell us to take if off!).  Please send your 
contribution to Pallav. Also, spread the word among your colleagues and 
comrades and encourage them to contribute. We hope that through this 
effort we can join hands (and feet, minds, and hearts!) to do our bit in 
laying the foundation of a new narrative.


In solidarity,

Ashish Kothari / Pallav Das (dpallav at gmail.com)

P.S. : some of you would be familiar with the precursor to this website, 
the blog http://radicalecologicaldemocracy.wordpress.com; this site is 
an attempt to fully upgrade that initiative into a more active, 
interactive forum. As this initiative is currently completely voluntary, 
we also welcome any financial contributions that you can make or can 
point us to, from sources that will not compromise our basic orientation 
towards justice of all kinds.

PS 2: For those interested, we coordinate a website for similar 
articles/stories, news/events on alternatives in India: 
www.vikalpsangam.org or www.alternativesindia.org.

Ashish Kothari
Apt 5 Shree Datta Krupa
908 Deccan Gymkhana
Pune 411004, India
Tel: 91-20-25654239; 91-20-25675450
Twitter: @chikikothari

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