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Excellent! We too are conquered People in Goa and our Solidarity! Here is
UN links to our conquest:


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> CAPE OF THEIR BLOG: https://cobuqua.wordpress.com, 23 March 2017:
> The Wild Coast - home of the Cobuqua people, a Khoi-San nation in the
> Eastern Cape
> There has been a long history in Southern Africa of the issues of Khoi-San
> people being deliberately erased by successive political regimes in the
> country. This is despite the extensive archaeological evidence of the
> existence of the "strandlopers". the ancestors of today's Khoi San people,
> who have been genetically identified in the African Genome Project as
> bearers of the oldest DNA in the world.
> The history of the erasure of the identities, origins and lifestyles of
> the Khoi San people, has been extraordinarily costly, especially to the
> Cape Khoi who lived a nomadic existence of small connected groups who
> harvested seafood from the ocean and from the rocky shorelines of the
> coast. Their’s was a sustainable lifestyle that is much sought after in the
> context of today's climate change challenges.
> The people who lived along the coast of the former Transkei homeland,
> the Cobuqua people, continue to suffer the impacts of dispossession and
> impoverishment that saw them forcibly removed from their ancestral lands as
> recently as 1976, under the regime of then Chief Minister of the Transkei,
> Chief Kaiser Matanzima.
> The Cobuqua people have never forgotten their origins and have remained
> connected despite their displacement to five regions of the Eastern Cape -
> around Mthatha, Buffalo City, Matatiele, Aliwal North and Queenstown. There
> is a deep hunger amongst the youth of the Cobuqua people to recover their
> sense of identity and purpose. This is the powerful hope of the future as
> international actions to recognise indigenous peoples gain traction across
> the world.
> Today, the Cobuqua people begin to SPEAK OUT to introduce all readers and
> concerned persons to their stories and their aspirations as they struggle
> to access their human rights and social, political, economic and cultural
> justice.
> We invite you to sign up on their new blog and to follow their stories as
> they struggle for a recognition that meets the requirements of the United
> Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The contestations
> are huge in this important struggle as they rise to end the continuing
> suppression of their struggles for justice, redress and recognition.
> Our freedom remains incomplete without the achievement of freedom for all
> in South Africa.
> The blog address is https://cobuqua.wordpress.com/
> 2017/02/21/introducing-the-cobuqua/
> Contact person: Chief Joseph Wade: Cell: 073 683 1104; 082 971 1478 and
> 073 055 4639
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