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Friday, September 1, 2017

India in movement….

[As the next / current stage of its present movement, the Narmada Bachao Andolan has embarked on a conscientisation-oriented ‘judgement rally’ throughout the Narmada Valley, reaching out to villagers affected by the current raising of the height of the reservoir, to put the facts before them :

Press Release

Narmada Nyay Yatra enters Third day, reaches out to villages

Narmada Bachao Andolan

[‘Narmada Nyay Yatra’ = Narmada Judgement Rally]



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      Narmada Nyay Yatra enters Third day, reaches out to villages

       Thousands take a pledge to fight for justice

        Maheshwar fort to be severly affected by Sardar Sarovar Project

NBA activists and SSP oustee Vijay, Dhurji and Shantu get bail from Indore High Court 

31 August 2017, Badwani:     Narmada Nyay Yatra covered villages and met altogether atleast 25000 persons living on the bank of Narmada Yatra has explained how the state government of M.P. and the centre commenced its brutal battle against the people of Narmada Valley. The false criminal cases filed as well as the force and intimidation used to try and suppress, oppress and vacate the villages faced the challenge of people’s power. That phase being over, new phase of Mr. Modi’s challenge of Dedication of Sardar SarovarDam to people’ on his own birthday through a celebration on September, 17 , 2017.

The public meetings during Yatra were attended by thousands of women, men as well as children, who are now active participants in every action. People esp. the landless in villages like Pichhodi and Bhavti, narrated the story of those few who signed the official affidavits to receive the package of 5.80 lakhs for house construction and left their own old house however didn’t receive the same. Some received the amount without asking for any package.  The government has  now started allotting house plots, only 1/3 of the area offered by Tribunal Award as a legal right. They have also at a few places asked the oustees to give back 2/4 of the plot they are already allotted, years ago. All this is obviously to show falsely, that people are ready and willing to take whatever is offered, even against the law and leave their house. All this is illegal and thousands and thousands of families, realising the cunning strategy has refused to sign any such affidavit and denied vacating their houses .

                The fisherpeople, the boatsmen as well as the potters have not yet received the rights which are recently promised and propogated only when the agitation reached its peak. The slogan mongering and the political expediency is certainly to lead  to cheating again, this time, the landless. Yatra and the large gatherings was an opportunity to let people know these tactics and the rhetorics.

                Narmada Nyay Yatra has also gathered infor as the attainment of the so called targets of Narmada Seva Yatra of CM, with huge expenses of 1600 crores. None of those are attained and more detailed report will be presented soon, Yatra is to lead to further actions along with the legal battle which is also at the high court of Madhya Pradesh. The next hearing on R & R sites is to be held as Sept 7th and the Narmada Bachao Andolan with its advocates including Adv Anand Mohan Mathur and Pratyush Mishra as also Medha Patkar, the intervener in person will be before the court to represent the serious situation at R & R sites, in violation of the SC order of 8. 2. 2017.
		Shantu, Vijay and Dhurji who have been arrested on 9th August by M.P police on false charges got bail from Indore High Court on 28th August and released on 29th August from Dhar Jail on 21st day of their arrest. But false charges on many activists are still remain and the fight for withdrawing these allegation in on. The fight and non-violent struggle goes on till the valley people don't get their dues and just rehabilitation as per the NWDT Award.  
The Modiji’s plan of 17th Sept is fully opposed by the valley as his claim of the Dam being complete is itself fake and forged. 

Yatra continues

 Landenge Jitenge!!

Rahul Yadav, Amulya Nidhi, Mukesh Bhagoria, Kamla Yadav, Shyaama Bahan, Bhagirath Dhangar


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