[WSMDiscuss] Call: 2nd Hasankeyf Global Action Day

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we'll have a vigil (concentration) outside BBVA on 23rd
togetehr with the Solidaritu group with Kurdistan

Ercan: do yo have a poster to use for all the events? or a photo?
motto? *just 2nd Hasankeyf *
*Global Action Day?*

*keep it up!!*



Dismantle Corporate Power <http://www.stopcorporateimpunity.org/>

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2017-09-01 11:06 GMT+02:00 Zor Ekologiko Batzordea (Ekologistak Martxan) <
zor.ekologikoa at gmail.com>:

> +++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++
> 30.08.2017
> *Call to "2nd Hasankeyf **Global Action Day” on* *23 September 2017!*
> We call activists, social movements, NGO's and all others in the world to
> join the second global action day for the defense of Hasankeyf and the
> Tigris River on 23rd September 2017! It is under threat by the Ilisu
> Project; lets protest this one of most controversial dams in the world!
> After the first global action day in Sept. 2015 the construction of the
> Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant has continued without a break. The
> ongoing armed conflict has been used by the Turkish government to oppress
> protests on local and Turkey wide level. However, since mid of August
> 2017 a wave of new protests and critic came up all over the Kurdish
> region and Turkey after several rocks at the castle rock have been
> destroyed using explosives and other means. This action, which had no
> proper legal permission, is the start of new level in the destruction of
> outstanding and unique cultural and natural heritage of the 12.000 years
> old settlement Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley. It is also pushing people
> out of Hasankeyf. Just in May 2017 the relocation of the first of totally
> 9 monuments, the Zeynel Bey Tomb, has been realized.
> The recent critic has brought activists and organizations all over Turkey
> together. Before the planned action day we expect many activists from
> West-Turkey to come to Hasankeyf in order to show solidarity. Hasankeyf has
> a strong symbolic value for all people in Turkey struggling against dams
> and other destructive investment projects. Concerned people in Iraq and
> Iran have raised their voice against the Ilisu Project in the last months
> and years.
> The Turkish government has announced several times that the construction
> has achieved a high level completion. This may be partly true and partly
> propaganda. However important is that we stand against this project which
> will destroy a whole region and will be beneficial only for some companies,
> landowners and the central government. The last weeks have shown that there
> is a chance to stop Ilisu Project!
> You are invited to organize a public action in your city or country
> against the destructive Ilisu Project on the 23rd September. The demands
> should target mainly the Turkish government, the Austrian company Andritz -
> leader in Ilisu consortium - and request from the Iraqi government to act,
> which is silent about the upcoming drying out of its country. Do not
> hesitate to contact us or inform us about your planned action.
> Our struggle will never give up and will continue to the last day!
> Hasankeyf and Tigris are our life sources!
> Link to report on First Hasankeyf Global Action Day in 2015:
> http://www.hasankeyfgirisimi.net/?p=284
> Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive
> Email: hasankeyfgirisimi at gmail.com
> Web site: www.hasankeyfgirisimi.net
> facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hasankeyfyasatmagirisimi/
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