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Zor Ekologiko Batzordea (Ekologistak Martxan) zor.ekologikoa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 15:19:35 CEST 2017

I hope you are well. I am getting back to you about an email we sent you
two weeks ago, about our *Equator Banks, ACT!* campaign (see below). You
may have missed it.

Last year, your organisation was one of the 500+ groups that signed a
letter to all banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline project, asking
them to withdraw support.

We now seek your organisations' support for a wider call on banks to no
longer finance climate disasters and to also commit to respect Indigenous
Peoples' rights and territories.

If succeed, this group of so called *Equator Banks* (more than 90 big
banks!) effectively stops financing future DAPLs. However, they are not
going to do this easily: we need to pressure them together! Can your
organisation please sign on to the call

We very much hope you will!

If you have any questions or wish to be more involved in the campaign,
please contact me.

Thanks for your time, Karen

Go here if the link does not work: www.equatorbanksact.org

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From: Johan Frijns, BankTrack <johan at banktrack.org>
Date: 2017-09-07 13:59 GMT+02:00
Subject: [daplsign] Urgent: Stop more DAPLs, pressure Equator banks
To: daplsign at list.banktrack.org

*Support the Global Call on Equator Banks*
- Stop financing climate disasters;
- Respect indigenous Peoples' rights and territories
Sign up here: *www.equatorbanksact.org <http://www.equatorbanksact.org>*

Hello everyone,

Remember? Ten months ago your organisation was one of over 500
organisations that signed an open letter to the 17 banks that financed the
Dakota Access Pipeline project. This one:


This joint message coming from so many civil society groups led a number of
banks (ING, DNB, Paribas, Credit Agricole, ABN AMRO) to reassess their
loans to the DAPL project and to mother company ETP, while investors
started to consider the company as an increasingly risky investment.

Sadly, our joint efforts did not stop the construction of the Dakota Access
Pipeline. There are also still numerous other large fossil fuel projects,
planned all over the world, that threaten to cause further climate chaos
and bring disaster to Indigenous Peoples on whose lands these projects are

*We have to resist this!*

BankTrack, together with partners, has now launched a campaign which aims
to stop all financing for Climate Disaster projects by the so-called
'Equator Banks', a group of 91 of the world's largest banks that have
solemnly promised to aim for 'responsible lending practices', but do not
deliver on that promise.

The Equator Principles Assocation will meet this coming October in Brazil.
We want that meeting to decide on much stronger commitments from banks on
climate change and Indigenous peoples' rights. The banks present there will
only move when faced with massive public pressure, similar to what we
achieved together in the DAPL.

I am urgently calling on you to help us create that pressure, and to
provide your organisational support and individual support to our Call.
Please sign up at :

*www.equatorbanksact.org <http://www.equatorbanksact.org>*

Every extra name there will make a difference.
Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Best, Johan Frijns
Director BankTrack

PS Our letter of last year has even led ETP to file a lawsuit against
BankTrack and others: https://www.banktrack.org/page
While this is a nuisance to us, it will not stop us from campaigning to
stop more DAPLs. Please support our efforts.


*Johan Frijns*

Director | BankTrack

TEL: +31 24 3249220 <+31%2024%20324%209220> | SKYPE: johanfrijns

WEBSITE: www.banktrack.org | www.coalbanks.org

Sign up for BankTrack news *:* *www.banktrack.org/mailinglist*

*Sign our Call at * *www.equatorbanksact.org

Equator banks, Stop financing Climate Disasters

Respect indigenous Peoples' Rights


Dismantle Corporate Power <http://www.stopcorporateimpunity.org/>

*www.bbvagh.org <http://www.bbvagh.org>ibertrola.blogspot.com
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