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Thanks Patrick,

As to your queries:

-          With the sub-title " Comparative Perspectives on Environmental Movements in the Global North" we just wanted to emphasize that our more systematic comparison of national-based movements in Part 2 of the book is indeed limited to four countries in the Global North. For our analysis of the global networks in Part 1, we have interviewed quite a few activists based in a number of other countries, both in the Global North and South.  There is so much that we could not cover, of course.

-          Climate action/climate justice: Our book places great emphasis on climate justice. In fact, Chapter 2 is devoted to the history of that concept, and how it has developed in the context of the global climate movement, particularly in the 2010s (up until Paris). It's too bad if people read a more conservative approach into the title, if they do it's really time to re-claim 'climate action'. Climate justice is the ideology and the goal of the movement, climate action refers to its various strategies.

Ours is of course only a small contribution to the understanding of the global climate movement and its struggle for climate justice. We build on so many others, including your own work on climate justice. Hopefully the debate and the struggle will continue and intensify in the coming years.



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On 2017/09/23 09:42 AM, Laurence Cox wrote:

This new book may be of interest to some listmembers.

Of great interest... but Hakan, two quick (perhaps semantic) queries:

* why "Global North"? (I'm writing from a northern suburb of Johannesburg which as you recall from all your great work here is Global North; but I don't see my carbon-abusing compatriots here, nor others of the BRICS whose elite negotiators were so co-responsible for wrecking climate justice opportunities at the COPs); and

* why "climate action" when that phrase has always signified a more conservative (and less activist!) approach to politics than climate justice?

Climate Action in a Globalizing World
Comparative Perspectives on Environmental Movements in the Global North
Edited by Carl Cassegard<https://www.routledge.com/products/search?author=Carl%20Cassegard>, Linda Soneryd<https://www.routledge.com/products/search?author=Linda%20Soneryd>, Hakan Thorn<https://www.routledge.com/products/search?author=Hakan%20Thorn>, Asa Wettergren<https://www.routledge.com/products/search?author=Asa%20Wettergren>

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Climate action in a globalizing world - an introduction

Håkan Thörn, Carl Cassegård, Linda Soneryd and Åsa Wettergren

Part I: Global Perspectives: COP as a space for climate action

Chapter 2: Climate justice, equity and movement mobilization

Carl Cassegård and Håkan Thörn

Chapter 3: Governing dissent in a state of emergency: police and protester interactions in the global space of the COP

Mattias Wahlström and Joost de Moor

Chapter 4: Mobilizing emotions in the global sphere: global solidarity and the regime of rationality

Jochen Kleres and Åsa Wettergren

Chapter 5: COP as a global public sphere: news media frames, movement frames and media standing of climate movement actors

Linda Soneryd, Carl Cassegård

Part II: National environmental movements in global context: United States, Japan, Denmark and Sweden

Chapter 6: Learning From Defeat: The Strategic Reorientation of the U.S. Climate Movement

Jennifer Hadden

Chapter 7: Between Government and Grassroots: Challenges to Institutionalization in the Japanese Environmental Movement

Carl Cassegård

Chapter 8: Denmark - from a green economy toward a new eco-radicalism?

Åsa Wettergren and Linda Soneryd

Chapter 9: The Swedish environmental movement: politics of responsibility between climate justice and local transition

Håkan Thörn and Sebastian Svenberg

PART III: Concluding reflections: new perspectives on climate action

Chapter 10: Hegemony and environmentalist strategy - global governance, movement mobilization, and climate justice

Håkan Thörn, Carl Cassegård, Linda Soneryd and Åsa Wettergren

Appendix: Method and Material
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