[WSMDiscuss] Support Brazil to Halt Oil and Gas Expansion

Zor Ekologiko Batzordea (Ekologistak Martxan) zor.ekologikoa at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 00:24:50 CEST 2017

 Support Brazil to Halt Oil and Gas Expansion

On September 27, Brazilians are taking a stand to make it clear to
their government they want a fossil free future.

On September 27, the Brazilian National Oil and Gas Agency (ANP) will hold
in Rio de Janeiro the 14th Big Round of Oil and Gas Auction. They will
offer 287 blocks up for sale – in various regions of the country, offshore
and onshore – thus putting biodiversity and populations at risk in a total
area of ​​more than 120,000 km².

Of the 36 companies that were approved by ANP to participate in the
auction, more than 60% are foreign and at least five of them are involved
in corruption cases. While continuing to prioritize fossil fuels projects
instead of starting the transition to a renewable energy economy, the
Brazilian government is doing a disservice to the populations around the
globe and is going in the opposite direction of the rising global climate
movement that we are part of.

*We will show the Brazilian government that we want a renewable,
responsible and ethical future for Brazil. And not one led by the fossil
fuel industry.*
We invite people around the world to take part in this action:

We want to bring global attention to this auction and showcase why Brazil
should move away from the corrupt fossil fuel industry.

*Show your support in pictures or video*

   - Upload a photo or video holding the tags: #LeilãoFóssilNão,
   #FossilFree, #NãoFrackingBrasil – can be printed or handwritten. Share why
   you think Brazil should stop supporting the fossil fuel industry and
   instead build a renewable future.
   - Post in your profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the image that
   is attached, with the text suggestion below. Do not forget to use the #s!

*Sample Text to Share: On September 27th, in Rio de Janeiro, 287 blocks
will be auctioned for oil and gas exploration. Stop investing in fossil
fuels! The climate crisis is here, and we have no time to lose. We need
100% renewable energy sources, which are fair, free and accessible. And we
need it NOW! #LeilãoFóssilNão #FossilFree #NãoFrackingBrasil*


*Mark Ruffalo, Actor*



*Indigenous activist at action in May 2017*

Dismantle Corporate Power <http://www.stopcorporateimpunity.org/>

*www.bbvagh.org <http://www.bbvagh.org>ibertrola.blogspot.com
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