[WSMDiscuss] Peoples of the World, stand up, assemble, and unite for peace, for life, and for dignity!

Örsan Şenalp orsan1234 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 15:20:35 CEST 2018

To the peoples and communities of the World

Stand up, assemble, and unite for peace, for life, and for dignity!

Those who rule the global economy and national states, liberal or
conservative capitalist classes and factions in the West have been for
long pursuing their own program and agenda to counter the rise of
Chinese as well as other contending capitalist classes from Russia,
India, Brazil, and others.

The contestation of one sides program to the program and agenda of the
other, liberal / conservative, globalist ruling class factions ended
up major conflicts in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, South
America and the Pacific. Leaving behind millions of death of innocent
people and children and destroying nature and wealth that belongs to

In this fight of elephants, by forming and funding alliances, by
covert operations, by proxy and drone wars; states using of armed
terror groups and fake news has became normal. Surveillance,
deception, manipulation, torture, and taking lives without punishment
replaced consent based bourgeois democratic form of politics.

Engagement of part of ‘progressive left’ and ‘left liberals’, as well
as left-right wing libertarians, some segment of anarchist and
communitarian groups, have not only resulted in wide mistrust to
alternative liberal-humanist politics in general, hence also caused
the failure and expansion of the extreme, right wing, and fascist
politics and politicians.

Fall of the liberals and lefts gave way to the rise of
right-authoritarian politicians as Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Erdogan,
May, Le Pen, Orban, Wilders, but also this lead to the emergence of
groups like ISIS and others across the world.

All resulting in expansion of conflict and wars in the periphery of
the falling Western Empire.

At the end, the entire world was brought once more to the brink of yet
another inter-capitalist and imperialist world war; where a massive
nuclear arsenal can be unleashed and put into use to massacre billions
of innocent people globally.

Today it appears even in mainstream media as if that the target of
spreading wars is about stopping China or Russia, as well as other
rising ruling class factions that capitalist system fostered. Yet in
reality the real war has been on, the never ending ‘war on terror’ has
been ultimately a war at billions of ordinary people. Unemployed,
insecure, exploited, indigenous, gay, lesbian, women, men, and from
all ethnic back ground.

The global liberal elite has been managing the chaos and financing
wars for the benefit of its  own class fraction. Such interest was for
a while about establishing a ‘global good governance’, that meant sort
of soft imperialism backed by just wars and interventions justified
only for the capitalist West.

The result have been everywhere the rapid increasing of military
conflicts and erupting of the clashes between local, national and
global ruling class factions, turning many countries into blood bath
though wars, at the end of the day, launched on the innocent and
oppressed governed people.

What got clear today is that a global war, spectacle, this time will
be directed on China and Russia, and is about to be triggered and
launched either with a false flag or covert action, like Douma Gas
attack, as it was the case for the first and second word wars, may be
in coming days or hours.

What would a launch of such a global war mean for the masses of
oppressed peoples and communities in Europe, the US, and globally is
nothing else than the expansion of the tragedies and destruction we
have been witnessing with the imperialist wars in Africa, Middle East,
Eastern Europe, and inner Asia, since the 90s.

The most important lesson one can get from the past experiences and
from the experiences of the last decades, is that not that any program
or campaign launched -neither by intellectual left nor its global
liberal elite- with the purpose of gaining counter hegemonic political
power, would be able to stop this coming war.

Such effective action for peace can only be led by those upon whom
this global war is really launched.

Thus the remaining time for the peoples of the world are extremely
limited and precious

This can be the real final count-down, and the war can begin in hours.

What you will do now will be historically decisive for all of the
humanity, if not for entire life on earth.

This can be our last call, for all times.

That is why we urge all, whoever reads this call, to get energize and
get yourself organized. Design and set forth your own local, national,
and international action, assemblies and/or permanent networks to stop
this war on all of us.

To discuss the ways and possibilities for stopping the coming world
war, and for transcending the social and economic system that is may
be about the destroy, at least, the human life on earth.

We beg you to connect with each other, face to face, not on facebook
or twitter, and with other’s actions, assemblies and networks in
mutual respect, love, solidarity, while recognizing each other’s
individual – personal and collective autonomy, cultural and ideational

Please keep your self-respect and creativity, while looking for ways
and tools to deliver your findings and decisions in touch, together
with others’ and forming coherent and homogenous regional and
international bodies. That can become a critical mass and deliver
accessible message and vision, with strong and universal expressions
of such collaboration and solidarity for common humanity.

The day is the day to build a common humanity and rise together, for
not only our own survival but for getting a final chance to create
genuine wold in dignity.

One for all, all for one


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