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Close on the heels of the Colombian court recognising the rights of the 
Amazon in Colombia ... both, prima facie, positive developments.

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Amazon territories
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Dear Friends,

This Tuesday, 30 years after indigenous communities in the Colombian 
Amazon received legal title to their lands, the Colombian Government 
signed a new decree guaranteeing indigenous autonomy over Amazon 
territories in Guainía, Vaupés and Amazonas.

*Media release* *available online here: 

Described as /"the most important thing that has happened to the 
indigenous Amazonians in 30 years”, /the decree guarantees the rights of 
Associations of Traditional Indigenous Authorities to administer state 
resources, without intermediaries, after these rights were threatened by 
plans to bring indigenous territories under municipal control. This 
could have opened them up to new pressures from agriculture, 
forestry/logging and mining through a shift in governance.

Please share the news!


Hannibal Rhoades
Communications and Advocacy
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