[WSMDiscuss] Advice on crits of the 4th Industrial Revo?

Subramanya Sastry sastry at cs.wisc.edu
Sun Apr 29 17:50:13 CEST 2018

I don't know if they are progressive critiques .. but I find the 
following personally interesting .. at least in terms of illuminating 
the issues a bit more, so the critiques can be more grounded as well. I 
have a disdain for hype in any field and thoroughly dislike the "AI" 
term -- it is distracting and muddles issues. Machine learning / machine 
intelligence or more specific terms are preferable.


2. The debate between Ray Kurzweill and PZ Myers - 

3. https://www.wired.com/2017/04/the-myth-of-a-superhuman-ai/ (Kevin Kelly)

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSSmmlridUM (Zeynep Tufecki's TED 
talk - Machine intelligence makes human morals more important)


1. Open the 'Show comments' link at the bottom and see Tim Starling's 
comment @ 
-- that comment is useful in helping clarify what Blockchain is about by 
contrasting it with wikipedia's arbitration processes.

The other tangential book to consider is 'Normal Accidents' by Charles 
Perrow that sheds light on inevitability of accidents in complex systems 
and technologies ... and I think some of the arguments made there are 
applicable to machine intelligence, "internet of things", etc as they 
get deployed in more interconnected ways.

2. I have heard good things about this book although I haven't read it  
.. so, take that recommendation for what it is .. 


On 04/29/2018 09:46 AM, Patrick Bond wrote:
> Hi dear allies,
> What are the most interesting progressive (not Luddite) critiques of 
> the 4th Industrial Revolution, especially robotics, artificial 
> intelligence, cybersecurity systems like blockchain and the like?
> The Brazil-Russia-India-China-SA bloc meets here in Johannesburg in 
> late July. Our local BRICS elites engage in virtually unregulated 
> high-tech acts of surveillance, censorship and repression. Now, "4IR" 
> babble is being promoted heavily here now.
> I gather 4IR could destroy half the world's current employment in some 
> sectors such as finance. A leading South African practitioner, Elon 
> Musk, warns that AI could wreck humanity within the coming few decades.
> As you see below, African dissemination of 4IR appears to be a very 
> high priority for the BRICS' so-called 'Sherpas' (a term we would want 
> to banish from such abusive deployment, out of respect for the 
> Nepalese people's desires).
> It is also a major project of BRICS Business Council chair Iqbal 
> Survé, who has been relentlessly pushing 4IR rhetoric in his 
> Independent group newspaper chain, in part through a proposed $4 
> billion "Sagarmatha" listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
> Investigative journalists the illicit relations between Survé and the 
> $150 billion Public Investment Corporation (SA bureaucrats' pensions) 
> and prevented the deal from happening, but it is likely Survé will 
> seek more capital to move his personal for-profit 4IR agenda forward, 
> at the same time he and other BRICS elites try to confuse society with 
> pro-4IR rhetoric.
> What should we be saying about all this? A brics-from-below summit 
> will be announced this week. Critical info will be vital, thanks comrades.
> Patrick
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