[WSMDiscuss] Ideology, culture, and critique of political economy - an historical correction

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By Anderson I assume you mean Perry Anderson's The H Word or The Antimonies
of Antonio Gramsci?

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> Below is an announcement of a historical fact with hard proof, of an
> essential correction with major implications for critical analysis in
> general.
> Since the 1960s and 70s Marxian thinkers came to believe that it was
> Gramsci who developed the first systematic ideas and concepts,
> building on Marx and Lenin’s ideas, on the issues of ideology and
> culture, and developed a unique conceptualization of hegemony, as an
> integral part of a theory of state and civil society. The influential
> contributions based on Gramsci readings of Althusser, Laclau, and
> Mouffe, Miliband, Poulantzas, Anderson, Frankfurt School theorists,
> cultural studies of Stuart Hall, French post-structuralists have come
> to inform the most important debates on the state, classes, ideology,
> MNCs, social movements, new imperialism so on.
> However, below quotation from the preface to the English translation
> of the first ever Marxian Political Economy study book, by Alexander
> Bogdanov, shows clearly, that 30-40 years prior to Gramsci’s Prison
> Notebooks, there emerged the first-ever systematic study of ideology,
> culture, and social consciousness, both as an integral analysis or
> critique of the political economy, and as an independent study titled:
> The Science of Social Consciousness. Bogdanov’s conceptualization and
> the strategy of cultural hegemony and revolution clashed with Lenin’s
> concept and strategy of political hegemony and revolution. Anderson
> mistakenly identified that Lenin’s conceptualization and strategy,
> based on political dominance as the main influence on the ideas
> Gramsci later developed. However, it has become obvious since the 80s
> that Bogdanov’s work, which caused the notorious strategical rivalry
> with Lenin, actually was the main influence on Gramsci’s thought and
> conceptualizations.
> “The chapters on ideology in this and the other courses by no means
> serve as supplements to the main subject. Ideology is an instrument
> for organizing economic life an is consequently an important condition
> in economic development. Only within these limits and in this
> connection is it touched upon here. It is dealt with independently in
> a special textbook “The Science of Social Consciousness” which is
> written in a form similar to this.”
> Download the book:
> https://monoskop.org/images/d/d8/Bogdanov_Alexander_A_Short_Course_of_Economics_Science.pdf
> In solidarity,
> Orsan
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