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Dear all!

Activists for peace are involved in a struggle to defend our member
participating in the social forum network Prague Spring 2 delegations going
to Moscow in 2012 and Crimea in 2014, both attacked by UK and US pro NATO
initiatives working in collusion. Links see below

The UK project Integrity Initiative have so far caused debate in 26
countries, a semi secret operation paid by the British government and a few
other sources like Lithuanian state, Facebook etc to attack among others
Corbyn, a Spanish military who was stopped from getting a position. This
caused last year a smearing campaign against Activist for peace member of
Prague Spring 2 started by Martin Kragh at the Swedish Institute for
International Affairs, cluster leader according to the leaked II documents.
see list below and enclosed translation of an article in Expressen, one of
Sweden's main national newspapers calling us Kremlin Fawning or maybe also
translated as Kremlin's bootlickers.

In December this year the attack was renewed by Atlantic Council, this time
in a report written Henrik Sundbom, a fellow at an organization funded by
the Swedish Confederation of Enterprises who gives more money to their
propaganda organizations than the political parties all together yearly by
a close cooperation partner to Martin Kragh. The title of the report was
Kremlin's Trojan Horses 3.0.

We will publish more information on our English blog. Please follow us and
give us advise what to do and help us spreading the information. We will
also make humour out of the attacks on us who are at the same tim an attack
on alla popular movements in the social forum process that oppose NATO and
militarization. In mos countries those attacked are the left or
organizations the can be presented as leftists and thus marginalized.
Sweden is the only country in the reports on Kremlin Trojan Horses made by
Atlantic Council the attacks the Green party and he environmental and peace
movement who has been active in social forums.

We were able to win against the attack last year and it will probably
easier this year as the new attack is obviously false, see enclosed text by
the member of the Green party Hans Wåhlberg.

But what we see in Sweden is the maybe most exposed of all operation going
on in collusion between the Brits and the Americans with domestic help. So
by addressing this attack on the part of the environmental and peace
movement active in the social forums and building their international
contacts via social forum activists one can find ways to build solidarity
and help many others now under threat from these kind of operations.

Yours Tord Björk,
Activists for Peace and Prague Spring 2, international coordinator of
European Social Forum in Malmö 2008


Integrity Initiative:
*https://www.integrityinitiative.net <https://www.integrityinitiative.net/>*

Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative, Paul McKeigue, David Miller,
Jake Mason, Piers Robinson


3 December 2018, Alina Polyakova et al: *The Kremlin’s Trojan Horses 3.0:
Russian Influence in Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden*
On the attack against PS2 delegation to Crimean meeting in 2014

Hans Wåhlberg on the attack against us:

Sundbom also has a part in the text where he attacks the environmental
movement and the Green party. About this, there is much to say. For
example, Sundbom writes the following about the environmental movement and
the Green party:

”Support for the Kremlin is stronger in the independent green movement,
which overlaps more with the Swedish peace movement than with the Green
Party itself”.

In that paragraph, Sundbom outs Tord Björk, environmental activist in
Friends of the earth, who, for many years has dedicated himself to peace
and environmental work, and who, in true peace spirit has tried to
intermediate contacts across borders to Eastern European countries,
including Russia. He also attends many meetings. One of them, World Without
Nazism, which was held in Moscow, is mentioned in Sundbom's partial report
as a sign of Björk's Russian contacts or influences. Although he forgets to
mention that the meeting enjoyed support from Israel, USA, and the European
Council, and that among the participants were several Jewish organisations
such as the Anti-Defamation League from the US.

Sundbom also mentions an article, ”The parallel society in Ukraine”,
written by Tord Björk and published in Miljömagasinet, a web based magazine
closely tied to the Green party. Sundbom puts it this way:

”[…] he has published articles sympathetic to Russia’s annexation of
Crimea, some of them in Miljömagasinet, a magazine with close ties to the

The article in question dates to February 26th, 2016 and is a description
of the situation in Ukraine. Björk has gotten one part of the description
from me, making direct references to one of my posts where I spoke of a
Ukrainian parallel society. Björk also writes the following about the
referendum on Crimea about belonging to Russia or Ukraine: ”A referendum
which was carried out under Russian military protection and was thereby a
breach against international law”. Pro-Kremlin? No, of course not, but not
pro-NATO either.

The full text in Swedish:
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