[WSMDiscuss] #Googlewalkout

Örsan Şenalp orsan1234 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 14:16:44 CET 2018

Thanks, Patrick, this is a very interesting analysis. BTUF sounds very
much like an imitation of 175 million 'white' men strong ITUC in
language and action, yet it out numbers ITUC, if representation really
means anything. As you said in China the number of wildcat strikes has
been increasing. This map by China Labor Bulletin is a great tool
presenting it: https://maps.clb.org.hk/strikes/en
The fact that in South Africa after the Marikana massacre militancy
has risen dramatically, and in China and at Google, where fear and
reality of surveillance makes a peak, that means we are looking at a
pattern. The Janus-face or mirror image is the phenomena of Trump,
Bolsonero, Erdogan, Orban, Putin.. and other reactionaries' rise to
power. And speculative finance could benefit from the clash of the
nationalists. It seems to me like there is come back of the world war
- world revolution dynamic. It is very worrying, in the lack of a
clear alternative world vision and organizing towards it.

On Sat, 3 Nov 2018 at 20:48, Patrick Bond <pbond at mail.ngo.za> wrote:
> On 2018/11/03 17:44, Örsan Şenalp via WSM-Discuss wrote:
> ... I remember from our last meeting that this was one of
> the biggest expectations he had. The other two were the increasing
> interaction between Chinese, as well as from other BRICS' workers'
> organizing efforts,
> Peter always smiled, knowingly, at the official BRICS trade unions when I brought them up. He worked with me a bit over the years to help sort out class-struggle potentials, from class-snuggle realities.

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