[WSMDiscuss] [Debate-List] Mining conflicts multiply, as critics of ‘extractivism’ gather in Johannesburg

Riaz K Tayob riaz.tayob at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 13:04:17 CET 2018

Is Western+Brics a sub impi + impi ? Which equals what?


I had asked about your approach to understanding the flux of geopolitics. Methinks my gap is with understanding perhaps the implicit assumptions, methodological imperatives, tactical accommodations, particular geopolitics, or even pre-analytical acts of cognition here.

The development model that you lay at the feet of w+b could be an explanatory device, sure, but as a point it could be w+ [ a range of various  int. Govts / groups] as super exploiters]. 

Implicit in your framing is that there is no difference between w and b.

Hence the questions on geopolitics. And implicitly the play of power. 


> On 10 Nov 2018, at 21:14, Patrick Bond <pbond at mail.ngo.za> wrote:
> These sorts of Western+BRICS modes of super-exploitation exemplify the mineral, oil and gas looting underway across Africa. The uncompensated extraction of non-renewable resources amounts to an estimated $150 billion annually, far more even than the $50-80 billion Illicit Financial Flows and $50 billion in legal profit repatriation from Africa by mining and petroleum firms.
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