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Subject: Revolutionary Love and AlterGlobalisation

Neoliberal globalisation has increased inequalities, injustices and violations of freedoms, especially for workers and people in the Global South. This latest stage of capitalism has created a fertile environment for the current rise in far-right xenophobic nationalism and authoritarianism.  In parallel, indigenous movements, anti-privatisation campaigns, women’s movements, radical environmental movements, anti-racist movements, progressive intellectual networks, libertarian socialists and anarchists have linked multiple locally based campaigns into transnational networks around specific issues, contesting the legitimacy of this new world order.

Within this movement of movements a framework of unity is required which avoids the dominations and hierarchies of previous structures, maintains its constituent diversity, and yet allows for the construction of a cohesive collective identity.

The Revolutionary Love and AlterGlobalisation* Collective Visioning Project is an interactive (co)enquiry in pursuit of a theory and praxis of revolutionary love to animate radical social transformation in the 21st century.
The project has two key aims:

  *   To explore the thoughts, feelings, ideas and imaginings of a cross section of alter-activists internationally, in relation to love in this specific modality – via a collective visioning process.
  *   To (co)theorise (and plan to operationalise) a revolutionary love for the 21st century through the synthesis of existing theoretical perspectives within the academy and the movement, and the themes generated by alter-activists through the research project.
You are invited to join us in co-imagining this revolutionary love in the Collective Visioning Hub – an online open and interactive space which will act as the site for this process to happen:

*The term alter-globalisation has been reclaimed and used in this context as a useful way of framing the ongoing movement of movements whose proponents support global cooperation and interaction while opposing global capitalism – in general subscribing to anarchistic principles of freedom and the practice of a non-hierarchical democratic politics – and within which we would include movements such as the Arab Spring, Spain’s indignados, radical environmental movements, and the global Occupy movement.

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