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The Arctic refuge had been contested since 1980. The opening up if the
refuge (and other protected areas) is a consequence of wrong framing
underpinned by a serious error in government accounting.
https://link.medium.com/e9PMYG2lFV <https://link.medium.com/e9PMYG2lFV>

Recently, the International public sector accounting standards board has
agreed to start work on a new standard for natural resources. This is a
start, but there are a bunch of others that need correcting - IMF GFSM
2014, UN SNA 2008 & UN SEEA. https://link.medium.com/GPRRSMmJzV

Not sure about the legal grounds of the ban here, but without reframing
mining as a sale of the family silver, the pressure to extract will remain.


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> See below ... people on these lists may hav more information/analysis of
> this? ANother victory for the defence of the earth ... at least for the
> time being?
> ashish
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> More
> Breaking! Federal Judge rules that #Trump
> <https://twitter.com/hashtag/Trump?src=hash> lifting of ban on Arctic oil
> drilling is illegal and invalid. The ban is restored. Victory. But the
> fight goes on. RT to show support for Arctic drilling ban!
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