[WSMDiscuss] Puri, Where Generational Caste Bondage Refuses to Die #LokSabhaElections2019

Shiva Shankar sshankar at cmi.ac.in
Thu Apr 25 13:29:18 CEST 2019

'They said that since we are Dalits, we are not allowed to decorate our 
house. They said if a Dalit decorates the house, it is considered impure.'

'If in our India, if a human being cannot live with a little dignity, then 
probably we should look for some other society, other world where there is 
a little bit of equality, freedom and brotherhood.'

Puri, Where Generational Caste Bondage Refuses to Die 

Though Puri is among four holy places of Hinduism, but in this region one 
can find infinite heart wrenching stories about the caste system. In this 
region, those who are born in the community of barbers and washermen, even 
today, do not have a right to get rid of their caste based occupation. A 
barber's son can only be a barber himself. A washerman's son can only wash 
the dirty laundry of others. In return they only get 10 - 15 kg paddy in a 

Those who want to come out of this system have to face the anger of upper 
caste people in various ways. Let us meet some of the people who tried to 
break the chains of oppression. ...

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