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*Left Forum 2019 What is Left to be done?*

June 28th-30th Brooklyn, New York
*Call for Panels, Workshops, Etc.*
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One does not have to watch a film or read a novel to encounter the present
dystopian reality of the world. Faced with ongoing economic and political
crises, recent spikes in reactionary and fascist movements, and the
prospects that we are/have reached a point of no return with respect to
ecological destruction and life on this planet; one may wonder what is left
to be done? To begin to answer this question and find hope and potential
despite catastrophe, the left needs to imagine and enact alternatives while
recognizing those already in existence. At a time when it may seem that
most alternatives and options have been exhausted, what types of
progressive and radical responses and possibilities can be proposed? What
can we learn from past and current struggles and traditions moving
forward? With
these questions in mind, this year’s Left Forum seeks strong and creative
workshops and proposals which understand the myriad challenges we face and
the urgent task at hand. We welcome and encourage submissions from a broad
array of struggles and perspectives which can assist in radically imagining
and building different presents and futures. Requests to schedule sessions
at particular times of the day cannot be guaranteed, but we will do what we
can to accommodate your needs.

We welcome submissions from a broad array of views and struggles.
Read Our Submission Criteria Here

*The Space for Left Unity and Power Building is Left Forum 2019.*

The left has a uniquely robust power source gathering at the intersection
of issues, identities, ideologies, and constituencies. There are many
examples of this model of convergence and creative action today. This is
the model on which we will come together to formulate new strategies for
new worlds. Left Forum 2019 will:

   - create open, vibrant and transdisciplinary spaces to transform ideas
   into action.
   - identify and expand the common ground among movements, constituencies,
   issues, and ideas in a forum where a broad range of minds, issues,
   communities, affinities, identities, and strategies converge.
   - enable the cross-pollination of academic work and organizing.
   - organize panels and presentations as we have in the past but also
   skill-shares, workshops, performances, network-building sessions, curated
   exhibits, and film screenings.
   - extend our market/exhibitions to include more vendors.
   - be a place of friendship, exchange, and discovery, where we build our
   power to make radical change in a world filled with chaos and the
   opportunity for transformation.

All our enemies have is division and destruction. Left Forum can be a
living example of the exact opposite: a convergence and a space for
possibility, for hope, and for power.

This year's Left Forum conference will be from June 28th to June 30th at
LIU Brooklyn, NY.

*The early bird registration fee for all three days/events is **$70*.
income rates are also available. Ticket fee waivers can be requested at
register at leftforum.org. Ticket fees do not include food.
Register for Left Forum 2019
One of the purposes of the conference is to bring together activists,
scholars, and organizers from a variety of perspectives. There will be
multiple opportunities for people to come together during and between the
panels and workshops on campus. The venue will have spaces to meet,
socialize, and strategize.

Want to help organize Left Forum 2019? Email us at *leftforum at leftforum.org
<leftforum at leftforum.org>*

Interested in an exhibition table at Left Forum 2019?
click here

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