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Fascinating account of strategies by indigenous people of 'Tasmania' to 
redefine their relationship with the colonising state. The author is 
copied here in case anyone wants to contact her,


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Hello fellow travellers!

This is a paper on how we love-bombed the Tasmanian Government to make 
recognition of our peoples, Aboriginal Tasmanians, away from extinction 
myths and towards benefits for land and sea management.  We have begun 
to decolonise the government by resetting the relationship – once there 
was violence and now there is hope that love will fill the gap.  We have 
gained constitutional recognition, the first joint management plan for a 
world heritage area and now we are getting fishing rights.

May the world be filled with love!

Many cheers


/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellow/

/Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University of Technology/


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/Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania/

E: ejlee at swin.edu.au <mailto:ejlee at swin.edu.au> m: +61 458 805 993


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