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Friends, for those interested, Finnish organisations held two events on 
'development' and its critiques/alternatives, last week in Helsinki:

1. 'Systemic Alternatives to Unsustainable Development', 27.2.2019, 
organised by Finnish Society for Development Research, Siemenpuu, and 
Univ of Helsinki, with my keynote address on Towards a Just and 
Sustainable World and a panel discussion with Finnish 
researchers/activists. See full video of event at: 
An article in Finnish by Teija Laakso from Maailma.net (Finnish Oneworld 
platform) is at: 

2. 'Development Days Conference on Repositioning Global Development', 
28.2 to 1.3.2019, organised by Finnish Soc for Development Research, see 
http://www.kehitystutkimus.fi/conference/. Keynote address on Radical 
Ecological Democracy is at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvKxJPj9pZE 
It begins with a welcome, a tribute to the slain activist Berta Caceres, 
then my presentation (at around 15.00), remarks byRuby Van Der Wekken 
and open discussion. Other keynote addresses by Giles Mohan (on China's 
expansion in the world) and Rosalba Icaza Garza (on Decoloniality) also 
can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1BmoiZ7vnc (you can 
fast forward the first few minutes of blankness before the session 
actually begins).


NEW!’Alternative Futures: India Unshackled’, https://www.amazon.in/dp/B077S479W4

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> Links:
> ------
> [1]
> http://siemenpuu.org/en/event/systemic-alternatives-unsustainable-development
> [2] http://www.radicalecologicaldemocracy.org
> [3] http://www.vikalpsangam.org
> [4] http://www.iccaconsortium.org
> [5] http://www.acknowlej.org
> [6] http://www.siemenpuu.org
> [7] http://www.siemenpuu.org/lahjoita
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