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Greetings! Pleaseclick on the link mentioned below to read about ‘I Have Become the Tide’written by Githa Hariharan. On the second link also mentioned below ifinterested you could buy the novel. 


Do pass it on toothers in your circle/network. 


‘I HaveBecome the Tide’ by Githa Hariharan: The years of the flood 

Latha Anantharaman,The Hindu, March 07, 2019, Updated: March 09, 2019 



A luminous novel that draws you out from itsconstructed world and throws you down in front of today’s newspaper 


Where is that land where water flows free?’ This is therefrain of a song that Chikka’s cattle-skinner father sings, longing forrenewal in a swift river. His daily reality, however, is the pond in theuntouchable colony: frothy, filthy, boiling with algae, and cooking poison.Githa Hariharan’s novel I Have Become the Tide begins a few centuriesago, on the day Chikka’s father is buried. Chikka flees the colony, carryingnothing but his drum and his despair, and finds refuge with two men who arepart of a utopian society.  


In the embrace of their new village, Anandagrama, wherecaste will not determine where Chikka lives, what he eats, or whom he loves,his tears and words are ready to flow like the river that runs through thestory. A band of mystics and revolutionaries have envisioned a lifefree of caste, cautiously negotiating a space around the town and its temples,the hard kernel of orthodoxy. They work, they sweat, and they sing about theland they love, the land on which they do not own one blade of grass, one grainof dust. Chikka becomes a washerman, he marries, and it is his son — child of awasherman, grandson of a cattle-skinner — who becomes known as the poetKannadeva. 




The Book is availablefor purchase on the publisher’s website





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My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality. 
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