[WSMDiscuss] [REDlistserve] New article on REDWeb - "In Search of a Grown-up Economy"

Ashish Kothari chikikothari at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 08:28:05 CET 2019

Friends, the link to the article is: 

Thanks, Pallav. And thanks, Katherine and Jeremy, for contributing 
(Katherine can you mark this to Jeremy, I don't have his email ID).


On 12/03/19 10:29 AM, Pallav Das wrote:
> Dear friends,
> A new article, "In Search of a Grown-up Economy" is now online. It 
> questions the orthodoxy of development and endless growth, and 
> introduces us to the idea of "economic arrival", which advocates for 
> shared well-being on a finite planet.
> Please take a look and join the discussion on the REDWeb discussion forum.
> Thanks,
> Pallav
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