[WSMDiscuss] MAB activist and her family are killed

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> MAB activist and her family is killed
> <http://www.mabnacional.org.br/english/mab-activist-and-her-family-killed>
> Leer em Português
> <http://www.mabnacional.org.br/noticia/militante-do-mab-par-assassinada-com-sua-fam-lia-em-tucuru>
> : Militante do MAB Pará é assassinada com sua família em Tucuruí
> <http://www.mabnacional.org.br/noticia/militante-do-mab-par-assassinada-com-sua-fam-lia-em-tucuru>
> The Movement of People Affected by Dams – MAB suffers this Friday the pain
> and revolt to inform the murder of MAB's regional coordinator in Tucuruí,
> state of Pará, Dilma Ferreira Silva and her family. There are still no
> details about the number of victims or the reason for the crime.
> [image: Photo of Dilma Ferreira handing over mab demands to former
> presient Dilma Rouseff]
> Dilma Ferreira Silva, MAB's activist during the encounter of Women
> Affected by Dams with the former President Dilma Roussef in 2011*.*
> Photo: Leandro Silva.
> Dilma was affected by the Tucuruí hydro-power dam, she saw her city being
> flooded with the opening of the dam gates, she suffered the complete
> negligence of those responsible for the dam. 30 years since the building of
> the dam Dilma and her community haven't received any kind of compensation
> for their losses; 32 thousand people were affected by the dam.
> Dilma Ferreira participated in the audience with the former president of
> Brazil Dilma Rousseff in 2011, handing over MAB's document demanding a
> national policy of rights for those affected by dams and with a special
> attention to the women affected by dams.
> "What gives us strength is the movement, is the struggle not to let what
> we have suffered to happen to others," explains Dilma Ferreira, when asked
> about the reason to be part of MAB in an interview for the Amazonia Portal,
> on the occasion of the struggle in Brasilia during MAB Women's National
> Meeting in 2011.
> According to information until now, MAB activist from Pará is killed along
> with her husband and other relatives. For MAB, the murder of our Dilma is
> another sad moment for the history of those affected by dams, who
> celebrated today the International Day of Water. We demand from authorities
> the rapid investigation of this crime and safety measures for those
> affected by dams throughout Brazil.
> *Water for life, not for death!*
> *Águas para vida, não para morte!*
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