[WSMDiscuss] a small poem by someone hoping that coronavirus will drive out at least one evil

Azril Bacal Roij bazril1 at lamolina.edu.pe
Wed Apr 1 12:13:58 CEST 2020

Inspired by Sujit Sinha, I herewith enclose a rebellious tanka in Spanish
and English (not exactly identical as it is often the case in translation)
against the corona and fascist pandemia.
/Azril Bacal
Poet and activist

Tanka Rebelde

Escuché hoy el
primer trino del alba
primaveral que
desafía el paso
sombrío de la peste
Listened .today
the first trill at daybreak, it
is Spring defying
the somber goosesteps of
virus and political pests


El mar., 31 mar. 2020 a las 14:06, Sujit.Sinha (<sujit.sinha at apu.edu.in>)

> This is a small Bengal poem I got yesterday wishing that coronavirus will
> bring about Tagore's dream "where the world has not been broken into
> fragments by narrow domestic walls"
> The poet is Chitrodeep Som and this is my translated version .
> Sujit Sinha
> Storyteller of Living Utopias.
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