[WSMDiscuss] Urgent Appeal Addressed to the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers

Umakant uk4in at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 1 13:52:33 CEST 2020

Dear Friends

Greetings! As thecoronavirus lockdown continues, the fate of the country and its people seem tobe in a limbo. The central government and also the state governments in Indiahave responded in their own limited ways and with a limited vision. Forimmediate intervention on a large scale how should the government both atcentre and in states take measures, more than 300 labour economists and otherindividuals associated with international and national organizations, academicians,journalists and activists have issued an urgent appeal in this regard. 


Please click on thelink given below to read the full text of the appeal and also for the list ofsignatories.   


Do pass it on toothers in your circle/network. 




The Indian economy is facing its greatest challenge indecades due to the corona pandemic and the strategy adopted to contain itthrough a complete lockdown. Crores of workers have been thrown out of jobs andare on the road ..literally. Pointing out that nearly 10 to 15 million people, forced tomigrate because of the sudden lockdown, particularly require urgent help, thememorandum, prepared by KP Kannan, Alakh Sharma, Ravi S Srivastava, with inputsfrom Ritu Dewan, Aasha Kapur Mehta, Nisha Srivastava, SK Thorat and AnjorBhaskar, sought their intervention on the need to scale up the Rs 1.7 lakhcrore package announced by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.


Urgent Appeal to the Prime Minister and ChiefMinisters 





With Regards 

Umakant, Ph. D 

New Delhi 


My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality. 
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