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Mon Apr 6 19:54:14 CEST 2020

Hi all,

In my experience working on a piece of land on ecological restoration and
sustainable farming system, in tje mountains of San Cristobal de las Casas
Chiapas surrounded by Mayan Tsotsil communities i have learn that their
peacefullness demeanor is rooted in the fact that they not only own the
land but also have the knowledge to live from the land according to
traditional values and connections with nature. When i ask ejat they think
about covid they answer: well, we in our community, eat everyday the corn
and beans that we grow and save every year. I ask someone what he needs
from the city, he saus; basically nothing...
So i feel lucky i chose this place to live and develop my project among
folks tgat have been cultivating corn for thousands of years and will
continue doing it regardless economic models and fashions and ovecoming
this way global crises, i will keep you updated on my own milpa that i am
preparing for this year!

El lun., 6 de abril de 2020 6:18 a. m., Ashish Kothari <
ashishkothari at riseup.net> escribió:

> Friends, there is a huge lesson in this for us ... not that we can all 'go
> back to the land' but that the re-localisation of providing for basic
> needs, of sustaining liveilhoods, etc with people in communities taking
> their present and future in their own hands, can be a very meaningful
> movement arising from the current crisis. Just one of many new directions
> for us to imagine and practice, and where we can't ourselves practice it,
> at least support and advocate, for instance through building respnosible
> consumer links with primary producers, recognising the enormous
> contribution of workers on the land and in  forests and other ecosystems,
> crafts, industries and elsewhere to our lives, challenging political and
> economic structures that continue to exploit them
> there was also this news from India with interesting implications, though
> not necessarily challenging capitalist markets per se, and with some state
> facilitation: https://www.foundingfuel.com/article/the-satara-uprising/
> are there similar initiatives and movements elsewhere we can be inspired
> by and/or learn from? Can people send examples?
> We hope to start a webinar/online dialogue series soon, one global thrugh
> the Global Tapestry of Alternatives, another for India through Vikalp
> Sangam ... watch this space for announcements soon!
> ashish
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> Indigenous people describe leaving towns to live off the land, learning
> lessons about survival from elders.
> https://aje.io/b3h9m
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