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Thanks, Jai Sen, for sharing this, and keep up the good fight.  Walden

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Anotherwarrior walks on…, Warriors in movement…, Studies in movement...

“Here is an attempt, imperfectundoubtedly, to capture the many dimensions of that global activistextraordinaire Martin Khor….

[I’ve already posted twice on Martin Khor walking on - simply because of my regard and respect for him.  But I’m now doing so yet again, but this time atruly extraordinary essay, and tribute, written by another ‘global activistextraordinaire’, Walden Bello – that in its own way is also a chronicle of the timesthat Martin (and Walden) lived through – and gave shape to, in so many ways.  I thought I knew Martin, a bit anyway; but thereis so much more here.  So this, and in thesetimes when we are all struggling to deal with the present as much to dream of thefuture, an extraordinary essay on someone who was clearly an extraordinaryperson… 

[Thank you, Walden, for writing this – and for carving out thetime and attention during these profoundly difficult and challenging times, todo Martin this honour; and to give all of us this loving gift :

Martin Khor : The Making of a Global Activist

Walden Bello

            In memoryand in solidarity and celebration of a life well lived -



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Hi comrades:

Here is an attempt, imperfect undoubtedly, to capture the many dimensions of that global activist extraordinaire Martin Khor.



Martin Khor: The Making of a Global Activist

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Martin Khor: The Making of a Global Activist
The late Martin Khor united activists, officials, and thought leaders against trade and climate policies that pl... |




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