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Monday, April 13, 2020

Mother Earth in movement… ? At the same time as Viruses in movement… ?

[The world - that we think we know - is already in implosion and convulsions.  We already know that for the very same reasons that led to the ‘irruption’ of the corona virus – hyper-extraction – and to its spreading – hyper-connectivity, as an intrinsic part of globalisation -, and that has now brought the world and its nations and its economies to their knees (something that was literally unimaginable, for all of history), we are also in a state of climate crisis.  But which is, even as you read this message, relentlessly building (and notwithstanding the little reprieve because we are all on our knees, since capital has been temporarily forced to step back from the violation and abuse of Mother Earth that is its culture)….  In this situation, can we even imagine what things will be like if Mother Earth was indeed to open forth, full scale, right now, on yet another front ? 

[If not, then my sense is that we are now at a time where we need to begin to consider this possibility….  These, I think, are just reminders… Just watch and listen again to the little video that was posted here earlier : The original (?), in Italian, with subtitles : https://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/a-letter-from-the-virus-listen/ <https://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/a-letter-from-the-virus-listen/>, and the English version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5on3AZWdik <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5on3AZWdik>
[Thanks for posting this, Cesar Augusto Baldi…

Erupção do Krakatoa impulsionou atividade de outros 14 vulcões

Krakatoa eruption has boosted activity in 14 other volcanoes

Nossa Politica



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> Erupção do Krakatoa impulsionou atividade de outros 14 vulcões https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/erupcao-do-krakatoa-14-vulcoes/

Erupção do Krakatoa impulsionou atividade de outros 14 vulcões

https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/erupcao-do-krakatoa-14-vulcoes/ <https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/erupcao-do-krakatoa-14-vulcoes/>  



Popocatépetl, no centro do México – Foto: Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (CENAPRED) 

Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico - erupting at same time as Krakatoa (if image not appearing, see it at the link)

Erupção do Krakatoa impulsionou atividade de outros 14 vulcões

https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/erupcao-do-krakatoa-14-vulcoes/ <https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/erupcao-do-krakatoa-14-vulcoes/>  

O vulcão Krakatoa, na Indonésia, registrou uma erupção na noite de sexta-feira; posteriormente, outros 14 vulcões, incluindo o Popocatépetl, estavam ativos, o que chamou a atenção nas redes sociais e na mídia.

Na noite de sexta-feira (10), o mundo ficou surpreso com a erupção do vulcão indonésio Anak Krakatau <https://nossapolitica.net/2020/04/krakatoa-erupcao-indonesia/> (em javanês, filho do Krakatoa ), por ser considerado um dos vulcões mais poderosos do mundo.

Segundo os primeiros relatos, o vulcão jogou lava e expulsou grandes nuvens de cinzas que atingiam até 15 quilômetros de altura.

Além disso, o pulso eruptivo de Krakatoa gerou uma série de movimentos telúricos, alarmando a população a ponto de deixar as quarentenas (para impedir a proliferação do novo coronavírus) para trás e se afastar do lugar perigoso.

E isso não foi tudo. Imediatamente, a energia liberada do colosso indonésio teria ativado o chamado “Cinturão ou Anel de Fogo do Pacífico”, um cordão vulcânico de países como o Japão e o México.

De acordo com Volcano Discovery, foram encontrados mais de 15 vulcões localizados dentro do Anel de Fogo, entre os mais destacados da região de Popocatépetl no México e de Fuego, na Guatemala.

De acordo com o Volcano Discovery, os colossos que registraram atividades na noite de sexta-feira:

Klyuchevskoy, em Kamchatka. Ele jogou cinzas a uma altura de 6.100 metros.
Shiveluch, em Kamchatka. Ejetou cinzas vulcânicas a uma altitude de 36.000 pés.
Aso, Kyushu central.
Kuchinoerabu-jima, localizado em Ryukyu Islands
Sakurajima, localizado em Kyushu, Japão.
Ibu, em Halmahera, Indonésia
Krakatoa , localizado no estreito de Sunda, na Indonésia.
Merapi, em Java Central, na Indonésia. Ele emitiu uma coluna de cinzas que subiu a uma altitude de 6.100 metros.
Semeru, localizado em East Java, Indonésia
Dukono, está localizado em Halmahera. Cinza vulcânica emitida.
Kerinci, em Sumatra
Popocatépetl, no centro do México. Às 22:15, registrou-se uma explosão que gerou uma coluna eruptiva próxima a 1 km de altura e a emissão de fragmentos incandescentes a uma curta distância.
Sangay, Equador. Ele expulsou cinzas a uma altura de 5.800 metros.
Sabancaya, localizado no Peru. O vulcão emitiu cinzas que atingiram uma altura de 7.300 metros.
Nevados de Chillán, está localizado no Chile.

[Google translation :]

Krakatoa eruption has boosted activity in 14 other volcanoes

Indonesia's Krakatoa volcano erupted Friday night; later, another 14 volcanoes, including Popocatépetl, were active, which drew attention on social networks and the media.

On Friday night (10), the world was surprised by the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatau (in Javanese, son of Krakatoa), for being considered one of the most powerful volcanoes in the world.

According to the first reports, the volcano threw lava and expelled large clouds of ash that reached up to 15 kilometers in height.

In addition, Krakatoa's eruptive pulse generated a series of telluric movements, alarming the population to the point of leaving the quarantines (to prevent the proliferation of the new coronavirus) behind and moving away from the dangerous place.

That was not all. Immediately, the energy released from the Indonesian colossus would have activated the so-called “Pacific Belt or Ring of Fire”, a volcanic cord from countries like Japan and Mexico.

According to Volcano Discovery, more than 15 volcanoes were found within the Ring of Fire, among the most prominent in the Popocatépetl region in Mexico and Fuego, in Guatemala.

According to Volcano Discovery, the colossi who recorded activities on Friday night were :

• Klyuchevskoy, on Kamchatka. It threw ashes out to a height of 6,100 meters.
• Shiveluch, on Kamchatka. It ejected volcanic ash at an altitude of 36,000 feet.
• Aso, central Kyushu.
• Kuchinoerabu-jima, located in Ryukyu Islands
• Sakurajima, located in Kyushu, Japan
• Ibu, in Halmahera, Indonesia
• Krakatoa, located in the Sunda Strait, Indonesia
• Merapi, in Central Java, Indonesia. It emitted a column of ash that rose to an altitude of 6,100 meters
• Semeru, located in East Java, Indonesia
• Dukono, is located in Halmahera. Volcanic ash emitted
• Kerinci, in Sumatra
• Popocatépetl, in central Mexico. At 10:15 pm, an explosion was recorded that generated an eruptive column close to 1 km high and the emission of incandescent fragments a short distance away
• Sangay, Ecuador. It expelled ashes to a height of 5,800 meters
• Sabancaya, located in Peru. The volcano emitted ashes that reached a height of 7,300 meters.
• Nevados de Chillán, located in Chile.


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