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Friends, this webinar may be of interest,


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Subject: Taking health back from corporations: 22 April webinar
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Join TNI's Wednesday webinar in which we will explore the corporate 
interests profiting from health and the struggles to win back control.

    Taking health back from corporations: 22 April webinar


Dear TNI supporter,

We hope you have been able to attend one of our recent Wednesday 
webinars. This week’s conversation with acclaimed evolutionary biologist 
Rob Wallace was so well attended that we maxed out our 1000 attendee 
limit! In case you missed it, you can catch up here 

Join us at *4pm CET on 22 April* for our next webinar, which will 
explore more deeply the corporate interests profiting from health and 
the struggles to win back control. We will be joined by Susan George, a 
pioneering author and long-time analyst of corporate power, Mark 
Heywood, a cofounder of the Treatment Action Campaign that led an 
international movement to win access to medicines, Baba Aye who works 
with public sector health workers worldwide, Kajal Bhardwaj, a prominent 
Indian lawyer on health and trade policy, and David Legge of the 
People’s Health Movement.

Make sure you register 
to receive an invite and link to the webinar.


Panellists will discuss how changes to access to medicines, the 
pharmaceutical industry, healthcare systems, and the global governance 
of health can prevent future pandemics and bring about public healthcare 
for all.


  * *Susan George*, Author and President of the Transnational Institute
  * *Mark Haywood*, Co-founder of Treatment Action Campaign and COVID-19
    Peoples’ Alliance,South Africa
  * *Kajal Bharadwaj*, Independent Lawyer, expert on trade, health and
    human rights, India
  * *Baba Aye*, Public Services International (PSI)
  * *David Legge*, Peoples Health Movement

*4pm (CET), Wednesday 22 April (ends 5:30pm)*

/The seminar is organised by TNI and co-sponsored by AIDC, Focus on the 
Global South, Peoples Health Movement (PHM), Public Services 
International, and Global Justice Now (GJN)./

    First Arabic language webinar

In addition, TNI is happy to announce its first Arabic language webinar: 
Corona pandemic and the necessity of the struggle for food sovereignty 
*On Tuesday, April 21st 17:00 Tunis time (18:00 Amsterdam time)*. 
Organised in cooperation with the North Africa Food Sovereignty Network. 
Please share with colleagues and partners who may be interested.

The Coronavirus pandemic is threatening to truly become a humanitarian 
disaster at a global scale and will have grave and disproportionate 
impacts on the vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially societies 
in countries of the Global South, including North Africa.


This global epidemic has exposed the scale of the catastrophe caused by 
decades of neoliberal policies in North African countries, from debt and 
privatizations to substantial austerity in the budgets dedicated to 
public services, including health. It also highlights the crucial role 
that small farmers, fisherfolks and agricultural workers play in 
producing our food, and this in the absence of adequate measures to 
protect them from the risk of infection. This health crisis has 
blatantly shown our economic and food dependence on global markets. In 
this webinar, we will try to situate this crisis in its global and 
regional contexts and relate it to the destructive impacts of an 
intensive capitalist agribusiness on humans and nature.



  * *Omar Aziki:* Trade Unionist and Activist - ATTAC-CADTM Morocco and
    co-founder of North African Food Sovereignty Network.
  * *Layla Riahi:* Researcher and Activist - Working Group for Food
    Sovereignty – Tunisia
  * *Mohamed Ramadan:* Researcher in Economics - Initiative to Support
    Cooperatives – Egypt
  * *Atika Al Fazazi:* Agricultural worker and trade unionist
  * Chair: *Fatima-Zahra El Belghiti*

    Online survey: A Global Survey on Public Sector Capabilities and
    Responses to the Pandemic


Together with COMUNA, a team of economists and social researchers based 
in Montevideo, Uruguay, TNI has launched a survey 
to map public sector responses to the pandemic. In many countries the 
Corona crisis has led to a strong new appreciation of the public sphere. 
The crisis shows how essential public health systems. Countries with 
strong teams of scientists based at universities and other public 
research bodies have been able to implement massive testing. Many of the 
economic contingency policies in response to the crisis are being 
implemented through state-owned enterprises, including public banks. And 
as the pandemic expands, basic public services such as water and 
sanitation networks, energy and telecommunications become even more 
essential. Mapping and bringing out the magnitude and value of the 
public sector will greatly contribute to finding the most appropriate 
alternatives to deal with the worsening recession and to better prepare 
for a future beyond the pandemic.

Take survey 

*/The survey takes about 15-20 minutes. Please share with relevant 

TNI is proud to provide our webinars and research for free, as a 
contribution to the movements and activists responding to this pandemic. 
However, it takes time and resources to organise these events, to 
research and to publish. If you would like to support us in this work, 
we would gratefully accept any donation you can make. Please donate here 


Jess Graham

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