[WSMDiscuss] Green New Deal: how revolutionary?

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Fri Apr 17 18:55:35 CEST 2020

Interesting Ashish (and Larry) but inadequate - and, therefore, frustrating.

Many reasons, but perhaps two to begin with.

1. The "contradictions" in ecology and in politics - are they separate or
are they linked? And if the latter (which is what the presentation hints
at) then can they be understood through the contradictions embedded in
'scientific' thought, science being a part of that larger system of
eco-politics? In other words is the 'resolution' of the contradictions to
be found as a forcing from a system of logic from 'outside' or will it be
internal to the same logic that gave rise to the contradiction? Many clues
to this conundrum but no discussion of it.

2. If 'real' climate politics will come out of conversations with those
movements already engaging settler capitalism (a somewhat
prescriptive statement because there are no arguments leading to this
statement - but let me accept the implied rationale for the time being)
then what are the elements of that conversation? And how do those elements
link up with the discussion on, in specific terms, living labour as opposed
to say, dead labour or embedded labour and primordial or pre-manual energy?

I, therefore, sadly miss the "political" nature of this debate - something
that Larry is surely capable of and should have taken head on.

Nevertheless, an engaging presentation.
Warm regards

On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 4:59 PM Ashish Kothari <ashishkothari at riseup.net>

> Friends, a v. interesting presentation on how the climate crisis can't
> be reduced to a focus on carbon, with some great visuals.
> this came from Larry Lohman of the Corner House ... he is marked here in
> case anyone wants to get in touch directly.
> http://www.thecornerhouse.org.uk/resource/carbon-policy-not-climate-policy
> .
> ashish
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