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Stellan Vinthagen
made this public on his facebook page so I suppose it is open to anyone:

This is to announce the zoom-symposium on “Social Movements and Political
Mobilization in times of Global Pandemic” organised by the University of
Copenhagen Department of Sociology and its newly created CoMMonS Copenhagen
Center for Political Mobilisation and Social Movement Studies. April 27 and
28, join via Zoom (see links below).

University of Copenhagen Department of Sociology
Copenhagen Centre on Political Mobilisation and Social Movement Studies
Symposium on ZOOM
Social Movements and Political Mobilisation in Times of Global Pandemic

April 27th Zoom-link first day:

*10.00-12.00 Copenhagen and Paris *11-13.00 Beer Sheva
Panel vulnerable voices, Strikes, and Pro-democracy protests: Solidarity
‘locked down’?
 Erika Skov, University of Copenhagen: We want security, peace and
tranquility – political mobilization in two well-off Mexican communities at
the US-Mexico border.
 Clement Petitjean, Université Versailles Saint-Quentin: Whatever Happened
to the French Strike Movement? Keeping the struggle going in the time of
 Miguel Martinez, Stockholm University: Mutating Mobilisations during the
Pandemic Crisis in Spain
 Liora Sion, University of Copenhagen: Citizenship, protest and Israel´s
state of emergency.
 Kassim Alsraiha, Ben Gurion University: Citizenship and the Bedouin
Minority in Israel in the shadow of COVID-19 crises
Chair: Noa Milman, University of Copenhagen

13.00-14.30 Copenhagen
Panel Theory and Social Movements in Times of Pandemic
 Geoffrey Pleyers FNRS-UCLouvain: CoVid outbreak as a battlefield for
alternative futures: Progressive, capitalist and authoritarian movements’
narratives and alternative futures
 Mikael Carleheden, University of Copenhagen: Theory and practice:
Theorizing social movements from the perspective of Critical theory
 Margit Mayer, TU Berlin. What does it mean to be a (radical) urban
scholar-activist, or activist scholar, in times of COVID?
 Håkan Thörn, Göteborg University: Critical social movement theory:
Revisiting NSM theory and bringing Marx back in
 Stellan Vintagen, University of Massachusetts Amherst: Constructive
Resistance among the Landless Workers in Brazil: How resistance can
simultanously build up the future and more just society and resist the
systems of oppressions of today
Chair: Jonas Toubøl, University of Copenhagen

*14.30-16.00 Copenhagen
Panel Civil society responses to pandemic
 Priska Daphi, Bielefeld University: Watchdog, innovator, service
provider? Civil society in states of emergency
 Jonas Toubøl, Hjalmar Alexander Bang Carlsen; Snorre Ralund, University
of Copenhagen: Solidarity and Volunteering in the Coronavirus Crisis
 Thomas P. Boje, Roskilde University: The Populist Challenge – may civil
society involvement be an answer?”
 Óscar Agustín, Aalborg University: ‘You are not alone’; how to build
solidarity in spaces of distance
*4.15 p.m. Copenhagen, *10.15 Montréal and Toronto, *7.15 a.m. Los Angeles
Panel Social Movements Organizing and Endurance
 Donatella Della Porta, Scuola Normale Superiore: Social movements in
times of pandemic—and afterwards
 Lesley Wood, York University: Social Movements as Essential Services
 Nina Eliasoph, University of Southern California: Bernie Sanders
Activists and Mainstream Democratic Activists Imagining Multiple
Unimaginable Futures in the United States a Few Months Before Total
 Doug McAdam, Stanford University: COVID As Exogenous Shock: It Just Gets
Curioser and Curioser
 Pascale Dufour, Université de Montréal, Contentious politics in time of
pandemic: what does it change?
Chair: Nicole Doerr, University of Copenhagen
April 28 Zoom-link for April 28
*10.00-12.00 Copenhagen/ *11.00-13.00 Moscow
Panel Perceptions and Activism on the issue of Climate justice in times of
 Lasse Lindekilde and Thomas Olesen, Aarhus University: When does climate
change concern lead to climate activism and pro-environmental consumption?
The role of physical proximity, nature of imposed project and personal costs
 Mattias Wahlström, Göteborg University and Katrin Uba, Uppsala
University: Conceptualizing and exploring the ‘Greta effect’ on
micro-mobilization for climate protest
 Joost de Moor, Stockholm University: Postapocalyptic environmentalism and
the missing movement on transformative climate adaptation.
 Maria Chiara Franceschelli, National Research University Higher School of
Economics, Moscow: Good Example and New Needs: How Russian Social Movements
Shape Environmental Policy.
Discussant: Anders Blok, University of Copenhagen
*13.00-14.30 Copenhagen
Panel Visual mobilization, digital media, and conflicts about migration
 Tina Askanius, Malmö University: Women in the Nordic Resistance Movement
and their online media practices: between internalised misogyny and
‘embedded feminism’
 Simon Teune, IPB/TU Berlin: Appropriation of Abhorred Symbols. The Case
of the German Extreme Right
 Anne Ring Petersen, University of Copenhagen: Postmigrant Mobilization
and Art in Public Space: the Visual ‘Opening Act’ of the Maxim Gorki
Theatre’s 4. Berliner Herbstsalon 2019
 Ekatherina Zhukowa, Lund University: Using Historical Images of Atrocity
for Right-Wing Political Mobilisation on Social Media
 Markus Lundström, Umeå University: Digital Media and Collective Memories
*14.30-16.00 Copenhagen, *8.30-10.00 Boston, Cambridge and Montréal
Panel Democratic Legitimacy and Public Debate in times of Pandemic
 Vivien Schmidt, Boston University: Dilemmas for Democratic Legitimacy in
the Corona virus crisis, with lessons learned from the Eurozone crisis
 Jane Mansbridge and José L. Martí: Governance in a Pandemic – Huge
Mistakes, Collective Learning, and Possible Steps Forward
 Hans-Jörg Trenz, University of Copenhagen: The public sphere in
emergency: from standstill to resilience
 Laurence Bherer, Université de Montréal: How Cov-19 impacts participatory
process in France and Canada tbc.
 Nicole Doerr: University of Copenhagen: Decision-making, uncertainty,
fear of failure: pre/figurations of present futures among climate justice
activists in Germany and Denmark
Chair: Janus Hansen, University of Copenhagen
*16.15-18.00 Copenhagen, 10.15-12.15*Toronto, *9.15-11.15am Los Angeles
Panel Intersectionality, Migration, Struggles for Citizenship
 Jean Beaman, UC Santa Barbara: “Living on the Margins, before and during
 Eléonore Lépinard, Université de Geneve: Feminist Trouble. Race,
Whiteness and Intersectionality in Feminist Movements
 Tunay Altay and Gökce Yurdakul Humboldt University of Berlin: Embodying
Bordering Practices: A Study of Trans* Migrants Occupied with Street Sex
Work in Berlin.
 Anna Korteweg, University of Toronto: tbc.
Chair: Birte Siim, Aalborg University
Plenary Debate: what decisions do societies need now and following the
*18.15-20.00 Copenhagen *12.15-14.00 New York City
 Sabrina Zajak, DeZIM Institute: (The urgent need for) Transnational
Solidarity in Times of Crisis in the Global North and South
 Peter Abrahamson, University of Copenhagen: Welfare services as a
precondition for a flourishing civil society? Denmark during the Corona
 Sarah Swider, University of Copenhagen: title tbc.
 Pauline Stoltz, Aalborg University: Gender and the pandemic in the Nordic
 Malgorzata Kurjanska, University of Copenhagen: A struggle for moral
superiority: politics and protests in the time of the Corona in Poland
 Sophia Wathne, Scuola Normale Superiore: Food sovereignty and Covid-19
Tord Björk

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