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Find below the minutes from the WSF meeting in Porto Alegre 25-26 January

It is an ambitious text referring to most things said at the meeting, thus
quite repetitive. Everyone find I guess her opr his favourite idea.

Mine is that it seems as if some have an understanding of special focus on
getting international movements on board, I suppose they mean peoples
movement organisations as La Via Campesina etc. Movements working beyond
single issue politics.

This I find promising. There has been a theoretical deficit in the claim
that WSF is unique etc. This is repeated in the beginning of the minutes


The Social Forum that took place in 2001 gave birth to the possibility of
building another possible world, with a different logic to neoliberal
thinking, unique thinking and the post-war world after the fall of the
Berlin Wall.

Liberalism wanted to position itself as the only possible way, even
depending on the logic of bourgeois democracy. He announced prosperity for
humanity. With the WSF it was put on the global stage that another world is
possible, another integration of economic relations and with nature."

Thjis wiping out the memory of the Zapatistas, People Global Action and an
antiglobalization movement  before WSF is typical for a lack of
understanding the world. The claim that WSF was about another integration
of economic relations and with nature was never in place, instead
especially ESF had a hidden agenda of the left prioritising whatever issue
the left and trade unions find important for the moment, environmental and
rural movements were never seen as equal partners and thee debate about WSF
lacked content as it focused onform as the main topic, open space of
decisionmaking in a manner typical of the left, as the left had bad
experience with central decisionmakting in the past WSF had to be an open
space, a dichotomy never solved.

With the idea to reach out to international movements this could be solved
of movements now allow themselves to see the need of better coordination
and intellectual preparation for the sociala movements assembly. The
outcome could then be something more than a incoherent list of action
dates. International movement tend to have hard to cooperate with each
other, one reason why Peoples Global Action failed. International Peoples
Assembly seems to undertand the need of secretariats, schooling and joint
campaigning  leaving the unorganized experience of PGA behind and maybe as
well WSF.

To combine international movment input with that of individuals was tried
by Klimaforum09 in 2009 with success at a meeting with 50000 participants.
But then the Latin American left in Mexico and elsewhere decided to throw
the result into the waste basket and do their own thing in to
competing ways on Cochabamba leaving the Americans in charge of the climate
movement. Behind the term left, anticapitalist and antiimperialist lies
often contradictory ways of addressing extractive capitalism etc. easily
hidden with left wing phrases.

The Klimaforum´09 perspective is well and alive, It is no coincidence that
things like Fridays for future emerge far away from WSF and the left and
have quite a few things in common with Klimaforum.

Tord Björk

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Dear VK friends,

pls find attached minutes of the WSF IC meting that was held in Porto
Alegre in January

Some weeks back I attended a web-meeting about the WSF in Mexico. Plans
are on to have it in January 2021, but uncertainty abounds that as well.

Finnish Social Forum was postponed from April to the end of August.

Hope you all are well. At our home everyone is well.

Best, Marko

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Good morning to all

I take this message to greet you and send you a document that
synthetically shares what was discussed by the IC in Porto Alegre and
that I hope will be fed back by the people who are there. I tried to
leave the most substantial of what was discussed and agreed.

At the same time, I would like to share with you that the Articulation
Group is working on the proposed Pre - Call document and we will send
them to you shortly.

This proposed document takes up many of the issues agreed upon in Porto
Alegre, and others related to the current health crisis caused by
Covid-19 are added, which exacerbate the situation in many of our countries.

A hug

Rosy Zúñiga - CEAAL

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