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* Prague Spring webinar 25 april proposal program Prague/European Spring
2020 webinars program: 25 April 2020 - start at 12:00 to 14:00 Repression
against movements and threats against democracy during the present crisis
12:30 - First contact to webinar practice, and to know each other. -
12:30-13:15 - "Stopping repression against movements in Russia, Ukraine and
the EU" Speakers: - Igor Gotlib and Tord Bjork - as a facilitators and
introducing the topic - Russia - St Petersburg and Penza cases, Igor
Gotlib, Antti Rautianen- Ukraine: Odessa massacre and solidarity action May
2, Tord Björk - Lithuania - Algirdas Paleckis case - Austria - Abdel Kerim
Aby Habel, Willy Langthaler - Catalonia - IPA - David Aranda i Checa - UK :
Julian Assange and labelling Stop the war, Greenpeace and - other movements
as terrorist threats 13:15-14:00 - "Defending democratic rights during the
present crisis Speakers:  - Central and Eastern Europe, Matyas Benyik,
Attac Hungary - Northern Europe Tord Bjork, Activists for Peace - Southern
Europe - Jon Rodrigues 14:00 - Conclusions and closing ceremony 26. April
2020 - start at 10 :00am to 17:00 Internationalistic answers to the
Coronacrisis European/Prague Spring webinar Sunday 26
aprilInternationalistic answers to the Coronacrisis 10:00-10:45 AM -
Welcome ceremony  Introduction : How can movements come together during the
crisis and work together in Europe and towards World Social Forum (WSF) in
Mexico 2021? Speakers: - Introduction:(15 mins)  Leo Gabriel + Prague
Spring 2 network and member of the International Council of WSF - Statement
of the speakers on the same subject from initiators of the webinar: Youth
Environment Europe, Young Naturefriends, UNITED, Transform! SpED, SZAB,
Activists for peace -  - Discussion Comments from participants from their
movement or country 10:45-11:00 AM - "How to participate" ? Collective
solving of practical issues. 11:00-12:30 AM - "Internationalistic answers
to the Coronacrisis" - From the perspective of your movement towards the
idea of coming together  - Next steps Speakers: - Mirek Prokes as the host
- Francine Mestrum (WSF) - Leire Azkargota (International Peoples Assembly)
- Rainer Braun (International Peace Bureau) - Peter Wahl (WEED/Attac
Germany) - Aleksander Buzgalin (Alternativy - Russia) - Alina Aflecailor
(UNITED - Romania) 12:30 - 13:00 Break 13:00 - 14:30 Internationalistic
answers to the Coronacrisis from a youth perspective - From the perspective
of your movement towards the idea of coming together  - Next steps
Speakers: - Viktor Koren (IYNF) as the host - Michel Diaz Nocetti (No to
Nato Sweden) - Kristóf Nagy (Fordulat Hungary) - Nathan Metenier (YEE and
GCE) - Marija Mileta - (Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatian) -
Balint Jósa (UNITED)  14.45 - 16:45 What can we do? How can actions
proposed inte the morning and youth sessions as well as by peoples
movements and preparatory seminars be carried forward. Tord Bjork as the
host/facilitator Neringa Tutenkamenaite host/facilitator First part 14.45 -
15:15: Summary of proposals from earlier sessions. Asked to add to this
discussion on how to unify peace and environmental movement and a common
way to address the crisis are apart from speakers earlier in the program:
Friends of the Earth, La Via Campesina and trade unions, Attac and World
March of Women. Speakers:  - The hosts from the previous sessions (everyone
will get max 5 mins) - Joel Holmdal, NOrdBruk/Via Campesina Sweden Second
part, 15:15 - 16:00 working groups on:social rural and urban movements,
peace and environmental movements, youth movements, antirepression 4 hosts
facilitating groups -  - Igor Gotlib (antirepression) - Viktor Koren (youth
movements) - Tord Bjork (peace and environmental movements) - Leo Gabriel
(social rural and urban movements),  Final part, 16:00 - 16:45 Tord Bjork
as the host Each group will choose a spokesperson to report Reports from
the working groups, proposals for actions and next step forward 16:45 -
17:00 conclusions and closing ceremony Registration:
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