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Sat Apr 25 19:31:25 CEST 2020

Hi everyone,

I have put together my ideas into a small booklet to explain the detailed
step-by-step plan to achieve sustainable systemic change. Please go through
the small booklet presented here (Also attached as a pdf), named : Blueprint
for a Beautiful world
is a Google doc where u can write your comments too)

The booklet is not about flaws in existing system, its not about the new
imaginary alternative system. It's about what steps we can take together
now to put us on the path to a beautiful new world.

Some lines from the booklet :

   - *There are two paths towards achieving systems change. Let’s try the
   second one too ! - “The first path is about being a different kind of
   consumer , Now let's try to become a different kind of producer.”*
- *Through healthy deflation we can increase the value of money so much
   that money begins to have no value at all in our lives.*
- *We saw signs of a new metric, an alternative to money, emerging during
   the recent panic shopping due to Corona.*
- *Even if Earth had Infinite resources and even if there was no climate
   change happening, a monetary economic system is still bad as it causes
   Economic slavery. *
- *We can retain the power of numbers in an economic system as pointers to
   where we can work and do away with the bad parts of the system that arise
   due to money.*
   - *The priority of automation will finally be set right. Basic needs
   first, other things later !*

I would love to discuss ideas presented in the booklet to :
- Improve upon them
- Have a discussion / healthy debate on them
- And mainly to work on implementing the plan

Looking forward to your response and opinions on the small booklet.

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