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Friends, see below re. some actions by workers and others, starting 1st 


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in May
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No doubt, you are already be aware... here's some info.  Don't know what 
makes sense in terms of sharing.

A /People Not Profits/ movement has begun mobilizing for actions every 
first of the month, starting in May.  This is US based but connected 
with many global actions as well. It is part of what has already been 
developing - here are a few articles about this fyi

This is about building grassroots strength and using this moment to 
clarify the policies, practices and programs that are expressions of a 
people not profits society. Unity not uniformity, focused on cherishing 
all life forces, asserting a true vision and reality of a loving and 
just world.

There will be MANY types of actions by MANY different groups of people 
including but not limited to health care workers, rent strike, debt, 
prison, Amazon / Instacart / Trader Joe's etc workers are already 
involved in walkouts and actions.

On May 1 there will be car caravans, sickouts, sheets out windows in 
support of rent strikes, support for struggles of all sorts. No 
shopping/ economic transactions, showing support and demands for care 
for the many folks who have now been discovered as "essential" to our 
society's functioning.  There will be a range of educational programming 
as well.

This is not solely about International Workers' Day as it will be EVERY 
1st of the month going forward.  It will not at all be a typical strike 
but about building a broad based US and global movement demanding that 
it is the people who determine how we emerge and that life itself is 
the primary value.

Things are developing quickly, and the publicity reflects that.  There 
MANY different organizations, movements and individuals are involved. 
The build up started on Earth Day.

If you are on FB, see the *Peoples' Strike: Fighting for Our LIves, 
Forging Our Futures* page which has hashtags, articles, and a 
multiplicity of actions , webinars 
https://mailchi.mp/labornotes/2018-162276?e=7d73371143, etc that will be 
taken.  Retweet and like pages as you are inclined - building presence 
is key.

Here are a few articles:


https://www.genstrike.org/ http://www.coronastrike.us/

/If you are inclined, please *forward to your networks, include in 
newsletters* AND *consider whether organizations you work with might 
endorse the call*.  If you want to be involved either in the national or 
NYC efforts, or you want more info let me know./

Forward always, with care, comfort, love, justice and liberation!
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