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Friends, pl. see below and attached, the next Vikalp Varta webinar 
(alternatives in India), this one on the revival of crafts in western 
India, with 7 young weavers speaking to us. this is also to mark May 1 
as a day to recognise the enormous contribution of workers (though of 
course every day should be like this!), and their suffering through the 
world due to the dominant economic and political system, esp. pronounced 
in the current crises.

You can register (optional) at 

Zoom link: *https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87263654711



VV3 - Weavers of Kachchh.jpg
Dear Friends,
On behalf of Vikalp Sangam, we would like to invite you to participate 
in our third dialogue series - Vikalp Varta #3.

*Youth Weave A New Story in Kutch:*
Handloom and Handicrafts is the second largest occupation in India after 
farming. Handloom weavers of India occupy the largest number in the 
craft sector, and yet, there are many parts of our country where the 
handloom weaver struggles to make a decent living.
With a crisis such as COVID 19, there are many weaver communities that 
are facing serious challengers in terms of raw-materials and markets at 
this time, along with ready stock with no buyers.
Kutch, the north-western district of Gujarat, with a semi-arid climatic 
condition and till 2001, very little access to the outside world, is one 
of the richest regions in craft practice and pastoralism.
Traditionally being a region which was also a part of the trade route, 
there are certain communities who have a good sense of trade and 
entrepreneurship in them.
But, of course, industrialisation and capitalism also influenced this 
community, which started seeing a decline in their traditional craft 
The youth of the region, especially of the Vankar (weaver) community saw 
a potential in their skill. Certain voluntary organisations of the 
region facilitated the creation of systems and supply chains which 
helped create new markets and new opportunities, which the youth have 
adopted, and changed the way their skill or the community was perceived 
in the past.

COVID 19 has brought with it a new challenge, and there are various 
stories emerging from different parts of the country with respect to the 
condition of our traditional artisans.
We have invited, 6 young weavers from Kutch, to talk to us directly and 
tell us their story, on 1st of May - LABOUR DAY, to celebrate Handloom 
Textiles, and pledge our allegiance to HANDMADE IN INDIA.

*Join us for this dialogue:*

*Zoom ID : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87263654711*
*Date: 1st May 2020 - Friday*
*Time : 4.00pm to 5.30pm (IST)*
/(All these sessions are open and free, so, please feel free to spread 
the word around. This session shall be held in both English and Hindi / 
Gujarati, we will translate the dialogues when necessary. )/
See you on Friday !

Team at Vikalp Varta




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