[WSMDiscuss] People's Strike: new website / updates

Melanie Bush melanie.e.l.bush at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 02:12:03 CEST 2020

"People’s Strike is a growing coalition of workers, community, and
political organizations confronting the COVID-19 pandemic by struggling
against inept and corrupt government and the forces of capital (banks,
corporations, brokers, etc). that put profit before the people and the
planet."    *https://generalstrike.mayfirst.org/
<https://generalstrike.mayfirst.org/>  *
*You can endorse the strike, and submit related actions (US and global) at
the bottom of the home page.  *The site also includes the Principles,
Demands, a newsfeed on events taking place, Ways to take Action and

Actions are taking place throughout this week, with a formal launch on
Friday May 1. Coordinated actions will take place the first of every month
going forward.

*May 1st is the Launch of a movement to end the systemic madness
exposed **during
this pandemic. *
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