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Interpretation in English, French, and Spanish

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Viruses in movement…, Alternatives in movement…, The world in movement…

Global Dialogue for Systemic Change :

What world after coronavirus ?

Webinar, Thursday April 30, with Maristella Svampa (Argentina), Ashish Kothari (India), Geneviève Azam (France), and Laura Flanders (USA)

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We are living in an unprecedented global crisis that requires a deep reflection, rethinking and dialogue among activists, organizations and social movements around the world. Critical strategies are essential, to deal with the current crises and to shape what comes next.
More than ever we need to share analysis, experiences, ideas and alternatives, in the face of growing health, social, economic, political and environmental crises. 
Many networks, organizations, and social movements are engaged in national, regional, continental and worldwide discussions on the challenges in front of us.
The aim of the Global Dialogue for Systemic Change is to support this process, creating stronger links among activist groups and social movements, and bringing in a wider range of activists and organisations from Africa, Asia, South and North America and Europe. It is not our ambition to replace or attempt to centralize the multiple valuable initiatives already underway. 
Over the next few months we will organise webinars in different languages addressing the key issues in our struggle for systemic change. The webinars will explore the main tasks, demands and alternatives that are needed at local, national and global levels to strengthen the connectivity and solidarity of movements, to forge a future for the people and for nature,  and to overcome neoliberal globalization, capitalism, extractivism, patriarchy, xenophobia, authoritarianism, anthropocentrism, racism and militarism.
Each webinar will be co-organized by a different group of organisations and movements, based in different regions of the world. We will provide simultaneous translation in English, French and Spanish, gradually in other languages. The webinars will be streamed live through social media. encouraging interaction between participants of different countries, social sectors, genders and ages. Recordings of the webinars will be subtitled in several languages and diffused on websites and social media.
The online Global Dialogue for Systemic Change will also serve as a multilingual portal for communicating and sharing activities with similar aims.
The webinar series will build up towards online assemblies of the network. This participative process will facilitate stronger collaboration and interconnection in the emergency period of lockdown, in the transitional period and in the future.

Supporting organisations
A growing number of social movements and organisations are joining this initiative. The first signatures received so far include the following:

Ação Franciscana de Ecologia e Solidariedade - AFES / Brazil
Arab campaign for education
Association Bouillabaisse Turfu / France
ATTAC France
CADTM International
Coletivo 660 / Brazil
Commission Justice & Peace / Brazil
EDGE Funders Alliance
Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF)
Focus on the Global South / Asia
Forum Tunisien pour les Droits Economiques et Socaiux (FTDES)
Fundación Solón - Bolivia
Global Campaign for education
Global Justice Now / UK
Gruppo Italiano Dialogo Globale
Iglesia y minerias / Brazil
Institute for Policy Studies / USA
Instituto Cidades Sustentáveis / Brazil
INTERCOLL / France & Québec
International Network Committee
IPAM / France
Maghreb social forum
Moroccan forum for alternatives south
Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano
Programa de las Américas
Serviço Interfranciscano de Justiça, Paz e Ecologia - SINFRAJUPE / Brazil
Systemic Alternatives
Teacher Creativity Center / Palestine
The Great Transition Collective / Collectif La Grande transition / Québec
Transform Europe
Transnational Institute TNI


Our first webinar: What world after the pandemic?
On Facebook or by following this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81581984287?pwd=aUkwdkFjaEEvQU1qOXBZUGFBd3QrUT09 <https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81581984287?pwd=aUkwdkFjaEEvQU1qOXBZUGFBd3QrUT09>

April 30th, 09:00 EST, 15:00 CET, 18.30 IST,  21:00 Indochina Time. 
Panelists Maristella Svampa (Argentina) Ashish Kothari (India), and  Geneviève Azam (France) . Moderator Laura Flanders (USA).

Interpretation in English, French and Spanish.
A panel discussion and audience questions on topics including:
• How to strengthen solidarity and resistance against the multiple crises triggered by COVID-19?
• How do the various grassroots struggles intersect?
• What programme of reconstruction and longer-term alternatives are movements proposing?
• What are the common elements of grassroots solidarity initiatives?
• What are the obstacles and risks for social movements going forward?
Others webinars will be organised 
Provisional themes include :
The assault on our rights and the risks for democracy / Covid 19 and inequality 
Solidarity and the new agenda of social movements / Territories, biodiversity and climate  
Repressive state, migration, imprisonment /Covid 19, patriarchy and racism  
State, public, autonomy / Conflicts, war, militarism, sanctions  
Economic deglobalization and political globalization / Network assembly.


Join the (public) list of participating organisations and individuals by registering on our site globaldialogue.online <https://globaldialogue.online/>
Use this address to propose additional webinars or volunteer your time and skills.

Register for webinars on our FaceBook pages, and join the dialogue!
Global Dialogue for Systemic Change  <https://www.facebook.com/GlobalDialogueforSystemicChange/>(FaceBook page EN) <https://www.facebook.com/RFCSfrancophone/>
 <https://www.facebook.com/RFCSfrancophone/>Dialogue global pour une alternative systémique  <https://www.facebook.com/RFCSfrancophone/> (page FaceBook FR)
Diálogo global para una alternativa sistémica <https://www.facebook.com/Di%25C3%25A1logo-global-para-una-alternativa-sist%25C3%25A9mica-112226590468436/> (página FaceBook ES)

Spread the word! Like and Follow our FaceBook pages! Share the webinars in your own networks and to your own contacts!

Publicise your own initiatives by posting to our FaceBook groups!
Global Dialogue for Systemic Change  <https://www.facebook.com/groups/1356650528057238/>(FaceBook group EN)
Dialogue global pour une alternative systémique  <https://www.facebook.com/groups/2887057828014151/> (groupe FaceBook FR) 
Diálogo global para una alternativa sistémica <https://www.facebook.com/groups/282499489445574/> (grupo FaceBook ES)____________________________

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