[WSMDiscuss] Fwd: Reg: Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), how democratic, how autonomous?

Ashish Kothari ashishkothari at riseup.net
Thu Apr 30 18:09:23 CEST 2020

(2nd in series of 3 case studies on democracy in India)

Dear friends,
We are happy to share with you all a case study that examines the extent 
and nature of democracy in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council 
(LAHDC) both in its relation to the State and internally as well. During 
the period of the study, mid- to late-2019, the status of Ladakh changed 
dramatically from being a pair of districts within a state (Jammu and 
Kashmir) to becoming a Union Territory. The study looks only briefly at 
the implications of the new status, as this happened during the latter 
part of the study.

Pls see this link to read more: https://bit.ly/2Yj0Pd2

We would be happy to get your comments and thoughts!


Shrishtee Bajpai

www.vikalpsangam.org <http://www.vikalpsangam.org>

“Like vanishing dew,
a passing apparition
or the sudden flash
of lightning -- already gone --
thus should one regard one's self.”
― Ikkyu
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