[WSMDiscuss] Halt destruction of nature

Karl-Heinz Thier k.thier at gmx.com
Thu Apr 30 18:43:13 CEST 2020

Dear Michael Gasser,

If you have to wait for a post-capitalist society to be understood by
"the people" your science is wrong. "The people" would understand: Man
is an animal. However, most of "the people" and all acknowledged
scientists like you refrain from this scientific truth because they have
been socialised by capitalist ideology. If you want to unhinge
capitalism you have to change the paradigm. Man is just not the emperor
of nature.

Our genes are not made for flying from Europe to Africa. Cuckoos are
made for this. They do so better and without less expenditure. We
destroy our habitat. That`s understood by "the people". That`s the start
of revolution in everybody's mind. Socialism is primarily a mental
affair. I can derive socialism from a consistent anthropology.

Karl-Heinz Thier

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