[WSMDiscuss] Democracy Dialogues - Inaugural Lecture by Prof Suhas Palshikar

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Sat Jul 11 12:46:06 CEST 2020

*Democracy Dialogues*

Inaugural Lecture on
*Trajectory of India's Democracy and Contemporary Challenges*

by *Prof Suhas Palshikar*
Chief Editor, Studies in Indian Politics
Co-director, Lokniti at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

*Sunday, 12 th July 5 pm*

Live on https://www.facebook.com/newsocialistinitiative.nsi/

Zoom  Link:

Meeting ID: 847 5695 8285
Password: Meeting123

Organised by
*New Socialist Initiative*

*A World for the Workers ! A Future for the World !!*

The idea behind this series - which we would like to call 'Democracy
Dialogues' - is basically to initiate as well as join in the on-going
conversation around this theme in academic as well as activist circles.

We feel that the very idea of democracy which has taken deep roots across
the world, has come under scanner for various reasons. At the same time we
have been witness to the ascendance of right-wing forces and fascistic
demagogues via the same democratic route. There is this apparently
anomalous situation in which the spread and deepening of democracy have
often led to generating mass support for these reactionary and fascistic

Coming to India, there have been valid concerns about the rise of
authoritarian streak among Indians and how it has helped strengthen BJP's
hard right turn. The strong support for democracy here is accompanied by
increasing fascination towards majoritarian-authoritarian politics. In
fact, we would like to state that a vigorous electoral democracy here has
become a vehicle for hindutva-ite counterrevolution.
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