[WSMDiscuss] Ashish Kothari on Yuval Noah Harari

Karl-Heinz Thier k.thier at gmx.com
Sat Jul 11 17:54:44 CEST 2020


About two years ago, I sent the following email to Harari:

Dear Yuval,

Having read six chapters of a Brief History of Mankind, I must respond
to you as I’ve written a book of the same title - under another
ideology. Your middle class ideology (competition) entices you perhaps
for a riposte.

I agree with many things, yet my interpretation is different. The
agricultural revolution was the biggest historical fraud – and the start
of capitalism establishing private property. The fraud resulting from
the cognitive revolution which was produced by the existential
insecurity of a baby born three months too early. The prolonged
insecurity makes Sapiens think of means to establish security:
Association with others, casting a spell (spirit, concept, word) over
others and governing them thereby. Indeed, our survival is endangered by
believing in fairy tales.


Karl-Heinz Thier

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