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Friends, this may be worth plugging into, if any of you working on AI 
and related matters think its a useful forum.


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UNESCO launches worldwide online public consultation on the ethics of 
artificial intelligence

Online consultation:

Paris, 15 July – Today, UNESCO is launching a global online consultation 
on the ethics of artificial intelligence, to give everyone around the 
world the opportunity to participate in the work of its international 
group of experts on AI. This group has been charged with producing the 
first draft of a Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, to be submitted to 
UNESCO Member States for adoption in November 2021. If adopted, it will 
be the first global normative instrument to address the developments and 
applications of AI.

“It is crucial that as many people as possible take part in this 
consultation, so that voices from around the world can be heard during 
the drafting process for the first global normative instrument on the 
ethics of AI”, says Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO.

Twenty-four renowned specialists with multidisciplinary expertise on the 
ethics of artificial intelligence have been tasked with producing a 
draft UNESCO Recommendation that takes into account the wide-ranging 
impacts of AI, including on the environment and the needs of the global 

With this consultation, UNESCO is inviting civil society organizations, 
decision-makers, the general public, intergovernmental and 
non-governmental organizations, media representatives, the private 
sector, the scientific community and all other interested stakeholders 
to comment on the draft text before 31 July 2020.

UNESCO is convinced that that there is an urgent need for a global 
instrument on the ethics of AI to ensure that ethical, social and 
political issues can be adequately addressed both in times of peace and 
in extraordinary situations like the current global health crisis.

The UNESCO Recommendation is expected to define shared values and 
principles, and identify concrete policy measures on the ethics of AI. 
Its role will be to help Member States ensure that they uphold the 
fundamental rights of the UN Charter and of the Universal Declaration of 
Human Rights and that research, design, development, and deployment of 
AI systems take into account the well-being of humanity, the environment 
and sustainable development.

The final draft text will be presented for adoption by Member States 
during the 41st session of UNESCO’s General Conference in November 2021.


Online consultation:

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