[WSMDiscuss] New articles on the Beyonddevelopment website: consultations on extractive projects in Peru, and Arts in anti-coal struggles

Miriam Lang miriam.lang at uasb.edu.ec
Sat Jul 25 19:52:56 CEST 2020

In the context of the global dialogue on radical transformative democracy the Global Working Group Beyond Development is promoting, we invite you to read the following articles:

“For the democratic production of democratic societies” – Lessons from the transition from social-movement-driven to state-legislated consultations on extractive projects in Peru<https://beyonddevelopment.net/for-the-democratic-production-of-democratic-societies-lessons-from-the-transition-from-social-movement-driven-to-state-legislated-consultations-on-extractive-projects-in-peru/>,
by Raphael Hoetmer
Over the last two decades, various consultation practices regarding extractive activities have emerged and been implemented throughout Latin America. Some practices adopt a completely autonomous and communitarian approach, some are based on alliances between civil society and local government, while others are also increasingly centred around national governments in connection with new legislation as per international standards (... )
Both the practice of social-movement-driven consultations on the exploitation of natural resources and the transition to state-led consultations offer an excellent opportunity to address one of the most intense debates in the Global Working Group Beyond Development regarding what democratic processes and institutions can allow with regard to the construction of alternatives to development and colonial-patriarchal capitalism, and what role the state can or cannot play in this connection.

Overcoming crises of representation? Arts in anti-coal struggles in Colombia and California <https://beyonddevelopment.net/overcoming-crises-of-representation-arts-in-anti-coal-struggles-in-colombia-and-california/>
 by Beatriz Rodriguez-Labajos
Raw material extraction, transportation and waste disposal are triggering environmental conflicts worldwide. All types of material throughput in the global economy bear consequences for social justice and sustainability. Yet very few materials better represent the economic, social and moral tensions intertwined in societal metabolism, i.e. material and energy use of human societies, than coal. Our case studies show how socio-environmental claims and/or transformative or restorative initiatives in anti-coal struggles are voiced and promoted through arts and cultural expressions. We emphasise the democratic aspect of collective self-determination and representation in two emblematic cases of coal-related conflicts, in Colombia and the United States.

And I also remind you that you can download the new book of the working group, Cities of Dignity, Urban transformations around the world, here https://beyonddevelopment.net/cities-of-dignity-book-release/

New book! CITIES OF DIGNITY: Urban transformations around the world (July 2020) – GWG Beyond Development<https://beyonddevelopment.net/cities-of-dignity-book-release/>
One of the main challenges that strategies for social-ecological transformation are facing today is the fact that a majority of the world population lives in cities, which can be considered structurally unsustainable spaces.




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