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Dear Friends

Greetings! The migrant lives do notseem to matter to the government establishment and society at large. Thecallousness and indifferent attitude against these lesser human led to completemishandling of the lockdown period which is still continuing though in a littlerelaxed way. It has led to a massive human catastrophe unparalleled in manyyears in the history of contemporary India. How time would heal the woundsremains to be seen. 


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As TrainsResume, Migrant Workers Line Up With Tickets And Nothing More

NDTV, June 01, 2020 



Many said they borrowed money from their neighbours orfriends to buy train tickets and most have no money in the pockets apart fromthe ticket. 




Don'tFail The Migrants; Don't Forget Them Again

Ruben Banerjee, Outlook Magazine, June 08, 2020 



This issue’s cover story is a reminder of the challenges that themigrants returning home face, and our collective responsibility towards them,writes editor-in-chief Ruben Banerjee.




Time toReturn Home

Karawan-e- Mohabbat ( The Caravan ofLove), June 01, 2020 



More and more buses are leaving the cities every day, helpingmigrant workers escape the lockdown that had been imposed without a plan.




Shramik Special trains are a hotmess. Piyush Goyal better stop the blame game

Zainab Sikander, Opinion, The Print, June 01, 2020 



The one cliche about Emergency was that the trains ran ontime. But in this lockdown, trains are getting lost and people are arrivingdead.




Migrant DiesOn Train In UP, Co-Passengers Travel With Body To Bengal

Press Trust of India, June 01, 2020 



Buddha Parihar, who hailed from Harishchandrapur in Maldadistrict, used to work at a hotel in Rajasthan's Bikaner. His brother-in-lawSaraju Das also worked with him at the same hotel. 




Over 10agonizing days, this migrant worker walked and hitchhiked 1,250 miles home.India's lockdown left him no choice

Mohit Rao, CNN, May 31, 2020 



Rajesh Chouhan hadcovered 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) in five days. His legs were swollen andhis blisters had burst. A piece of Styrofoam trash he'd found on the roadsidewas soaking up the pus seeping from his feet. But he didn't stop walking. Hecouldn't. The 26-year-old migrant worker was in the heart of India and onlyhalfway home. When India announced its nationwide lockdown on March24 to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, despite having less than 450 cases at that point,its cities ground to a halt. About 100 million rural Indians havemoved to cities for work. Overnight, many like Chouhan were stranded withoutjobs, food or savings. With no way to survive in the cities, and India's vastrailway network mostly shut down, many made the extraordinary decision to walkthousands of miles back to their families. 




On Camera, Railway Officer In UP Throws Biscuits At Migrants,Abuses Them

NDTV, May 31, 2020 



The three-minute clip, shot on Monday, shows some Railways employeesdistributing packets of biscuits at a station in west UP's Firozabad, about 300km from state capital Lucknow.




Rs 200 left and 1,300 km to go:Travelling with migrants on the Pune-Indore highway

Prateek Goyal, Newslaundry, May27, 2020 



They felt abandoned by theirgovernments and society. 




11-Year-Old Gets Parents Home AmidstLockdown by Pedalling Tricycle Cart for 600 kms

Tanzil Asif, The Wire, May 25, 2020 

11-Year-Old Gets Parents Home Amidst Lockdown by Pedalling Tricycle Cart for 600 kms

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11-Year-Old Gets Parents Home Amidst Lockdown by Pedalling Tricycle Cart...

Tabaarak's mother is blind and his father has a fractured leg. Like 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari who rode 1,200 km w...




Tabaarak's mother is blind and his father has a fracturedleg. Like 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari who rode 1,200 km with her father, it was upto the child to take the parents from Varanasi to Araria. 




With Regards 

Umakant, Ph. D 

New Delhi 


My final words of advice to you are educate, agitate and organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can lose our battle. The battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power. It is battle for freedom. It is the battle of reclamation of human personality. 
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