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This article on a remarkable initiative in Myanmar, may be of interest. 
See also Hal Rhoades' message below with additional links; Hal is copied 
here, as is local activist Paul Sein Twa,  for anyone wanting more 
information (do not write back on full lists please).
(sorry this being marked again on RED list, for the additional 
information and local contacts).


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A new article, "Salween Peace Park- A place for all living things", has 
just been uploaded on the Radical Ecological Democracy website. This is 
the fourth in our solidarity series with "Yes to Life, No to Mining" 
Network. In this article, the "Karen Environmental and Social Action 
Network" (KESAN) of Myanmar takes us to the “Salween Peace Park” where a 
successful initiative is charting a path away from destructive development.

Please take a look and join the discussion.




Hi All,

This new story 
(see plain text version below), released today in Radical Ecological 
Democracy, may be of interest. In it the Karen Environmental and Social 
Action Network tell the story of the Salween Peace Park and their 
efforts to build a future based on their traditional values and 
governance systems, free of extractivism and violence.

In KESAN's words /"the Salween Peace Park is federal democracy in action."/

More info:

  * Watch a short film about the Peace Park here:https://vimeo.com/324940996
  * Read a longer, interactive version of the story here:

The story was been produced as part of an ongoing 
storytelling-partnership between the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network 
and Radical Ecological Democracy, following the efforts of communities 
building post-extractive futures from Colombia to Finland. You can find 
the stories in this series here. 

Please share widely!
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