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Thu Jun 11 19:28:35 CEST 2020

On 11/06/20 1:05 pm, Ana Gomez wrote:

    Buenos días  WEAll members!

    We hope you’re all doing wonderfully and we hope as well, everyone
    is going through a really inspiring week. That way, *next week, at
    our members calls
    *(agenda and joining details in that link), you’ll be able to share
    it with everyone else! 😊

    We’re writing today to update you on two key issues:

    *Black Lives Matter*

    We stand in solidarity with all of those taking a stand to defend
    Black lives across the globe From South Africa, to the Netherlands
    to the many protests in the United States, the cry for change is
    heard.  It is critical as we all collectively work on building a
    wellbeing economy, that it validates and uplifts Black lives.

    *We want to share the work that you all are doing in this
    space.*Please send any initiatives or content to Ana
    (ana at wellbeingeconomy.org <mailto:ana at wellbeingeconomy.org>) so we
    can showcase it on our website.

    We also have an upcoming*webinar“Systemic Racism, Black Lives Matter
    and the Wellbeing
    by*Ayomi**n**de Faunde**on June 24^th at 5pm CEST*(Central European
    Summer time). You can register through the*WEAll Citizens platform*.

    We plan to have an open space for our members, citizens and other
    connected to the wellbeing economy movement to ask questions, learn
    more about the importance of dismantling systemic racism – from the
    top of the system to the bottom – and how we can integrate this more
    deeply in our work.


    *Health & Environment Policy Paper*

    To be human in the Spring of 2020 on Planet Earth is to be caught
    between the health consequences of a global pandemic and the health
    consequences of our environmental crisis. *Éloi Laurent*will be
    leading the development of a WEALL policy paper which explores the
    relationship between health and the environment in a wellbeing economy.

    *This policy paper*project is being developed within the “Build Back
    Better” initiative and inspired by the structure of the “*Ten
    principles to build back better
    paper published on May 8 2020.

    More precisely*this short paper (5-10 pages) will include*:

     1. Introduction/Vision- The positive relationship between health
        and the environment in a wellbeing economy
     2. List of core principles regarding the health and environmental
        nexus in a wellbeing economy
     3. List of policy proposals and examples (based on principles above)

    We would like to invite interest members of the WEALL committee to
    join a working group to develop this policy paper(with*Éloi
    Laurent*as lead author)over the coming months.

    *If you are interested in joining the working group*for this project
    please send an email to Claire Sommer (clairesommer at gmail.com
    <mailto:clairesommer at gmail.com>) with a short description of your
    background and reason for wanting to participate in this project *by
    Friday, June 19^th , 2020*.

    If members are also interested in taking the lead on developing a
    policy paper on other topics related to the wellbeing economy as
    part of our Build Back Better initiative, please contact Amanda
    Janoo at:Amanda.janoo at wellbeingeconomy.org
    <mailto:Amanda.janoo at wellbeingeconomy.org>

    We hope to see many of you in our *monthly members calls
    next week.

    Until then, we’re wishing you all a wonderful day!

    Kind wishes,

    * AMP Team*


    Network Wellbeing Lead

    Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

    www.wellbeingeconomy.org <http://www.wellbeingeconomy.org>

    www.weallcitizens.org <htpps://www.weallcitizens.org/>

    /#WEAllGive – support our work to change the economic system.
    //Donate today <http://wellbeingeconomy.org/donate>./

    /#WEAllGive – apoya nuestro trabajo para cambiar el sistema
    económico. Dona Ahora <http://wellbeingeconomy.org/donate>. /

    signature_1468510945 <https://wellbeingeconomy.org/donate>

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